Mike O’Hearn Wife Mona Muresan. His Net Worth, Age, Height

A trainer, bodybuilder, and model, Mike O’Hearn

Micheal or Mike O’Hearn is a renowned fitness trainer, bodybuilder, and model. He holds several titles in his fitness careers, such as 7-time titleholder of Fitness Model of the Year and 4-time Mr. Universe. He is also an actor and is featured in movies such as American Gladiator. The fitness celebrity is also a businessman. … Read more

Kathy Smith Husband, Age, Fitness & Workout

American fitness expert, trainer, entrepreneur, Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith is an American fitness expert, personal trainer, and author. Hailed by Forbes Magazine as a “Fitness Titan,” Smith is one of the original fitness experts to achieve celebrity status. Read this to meet Kathy’s husband and her age. Learn some fitness and workout tips from Kathy Smith through this article. Kathy Smith Is … Read more

Gunnar Peterson Wife, Net Worth, Workout

A fitness trainer, and entrepreneur, Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar Peterson is an American fitness expert, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. As a child, Gunnar Peterson struggled with his weight. Not only was he horribly self-conscious, but also bullied. Realizing the toll it took on Gunnar, his mother signed him up for Weight Watchers, a weight loss and body transformation program. Despite technically losing weight, … Read more

Jillian Michaels Ex-Wife Heidi Rhoades and Children

A well known hollywood personal trainer, and entrepreneur, Jillian Michaels and music manager, Heidi Rhoades

Nearly three years after their split, Jillian Michaels and her then-fiancée Heidi Rhoades remain relevant to this day. Michaels and Heidi were together for almost a decade from 2009 to 2018 and had two children together. Know more about Jillian Michaels and her relationship with her wife, Heidi Rhoades. Heidi Rhoades is the former wife … Read more

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