Zion Williamson Weight Loss

Zion Williamson, born on July 6, 2000, is a professional basketball player. He graduated high school from the Spartanburg Day School in North Carolina. In high school, Williamson won three consecutive championships for his team. Let us get a deeper insight into the life of Zion Williamson and his weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Journey

Williamson weighed 280 pounds when he started his first season on the NBA. The rookie player suffered from a knee injury before his first season even started. There were speculations that his weight could have caused or aggravated his knee injury.

He still got to play on his first season under a limitation. However, there was a time limit on how long he can play in each game. And that was very frustrating for the rookie basketball player. His coach and the team doctors imposed this restriction to protect his knee and not aggravate the injury further.

He could only watch from the benches as his team lost several games. Fans were surprised when Williamson returned for his second season on the NBA with a slimmer physique. The NBA star has indeed lost 25 pounds during the off-season.

He was criticized for his weight and some worried that it could affect his career. But the star disputes all these and claims that his weight has never hindered his game. The reason why he has lost weight is his health.

He entered the new NBA season with a healed knee and no more restrictions to his game time. Williamson is more than happy about that. Like any other athlete, he is on a strict diet and workout routine. Regular training and practices with his team also keep him fit.

Current Weight: Before and After Looks

Image of professional basketball player, Zion Williamson Weight Loss
The professional basketball player, Zion Williamson Weight Loss Journey (Before and After).

Zion Williamson weighs approximately 260 pounds at present. He may not look very slim in photos or television because he is a naturally big guy.

But if you look closer, it is noticeable that Williamson has shed a few pounds. By watching his game, he is also obviously moving a lot faster on the court. This may be because of the weight that he has shed in the past months.


He was also famous for his slam dunks when he was in high school. The NBA player is the power forward of the New Orleans Pelicans. In college, he was the star player of the Duke Blue Devils.

He got drafted to the NBA after staying for a year in Duke. Williamson was the first pick at the NBA draft in 2019. As of 2021, he is the 4th youngest individual to ever participate in the NBA All-Stars.

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