Ethan Suplee Weight Loss. How He Lost 200 Lbs?

Ethan Suplee has proven to be a versatile actor with comedies and dramas under his name. The actor’s first notable role was in The Titans, where he played the role of a football player. Ethan co-starred with Denzel Washington in that highly acclaimed movie.

Ethan started his acting career when he was 16 and became part of the cast of Boy Meets World. He came from a family of actors, with both his parents being actors. Let’s know a bit more about Ethan Suplee and his weight loss journey. Many of his fans wonder how did he lose 200 lbs. Here is the answer.

Ethan Suplee Weight Loss Journey

Ethan Suplee battled with drug and alcohol addiction when he was in his 20s. He sought help by enrolling himself in a rehabilitation facility. When he got there, the facility required a weigh-in, and much to Ethan’s surprise, he exceeded the limit of the weighing scale at the facility.

They had to take him to another place that had a bigger weighing scale. The actor was utterly mortified. He weighed in at more than 500 pounds. Then he also discovered that he was suffering from congestive heart failure.

All those years of abusing alcohol and drugs and an unhealthy lifestyle have finally taken their toll on his body. After that rude awakening to his deteriorating health, Ethan decided to get healthy and get his life back on track.

He tried several diets in search of one that would suit him. Ethan even admitted to trying a purely liquid diet that made him lose weight quickly but made him feel awful. The actor does not recommend that diet at all.

He also exercised, but that did not significantly lower his weight. It was only in 2018 when he realized that he needs to take a more scientific approach to his diet. He realized that he had to closely inspect the nutrition aspect of his diet.

The video by Dr. Mike helped him reach that realization. He also learned that carbohydrates are not entirely bad for you. The video taught him that he needs carbs to fuel his body. The actor constantly checks his body fat percentage to make sure that he is on the right track.

Current Weight: How he lost 200 lbs?

Image of a versatile actor, Ethan Suplee Weight Loss
A versatile actor, Ethan Suplee Weight Loss Journey (Before and After).

Today, Ethan’s weight is now at 255 pounds with a body fat percentage of only 11 percent. Now that he has lost weight, his focus is on toning his body and gaining some muscles. So he spends a lot of time in the gym lifting weights, doing cardio, and strengthening workouts. He also makes sure that he only consumes the calories that he has burned with his exercise. The actor diligently counts the calories of all his meals. Ethan Suplee is a lot healthier and happier these days.

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