Vince Neil Weight Loss. Before and After Weight

The topic of ‘Vince Neil weight loss‘ has gained heavy spotlight lately. The American singer for the famous band ‘Motley Crue’ has always had issues regarding weight loss. And due to the Band’s horrific live performance in 2015 and Vince’s lousy shape, the fans are going after him now.

The California-born singer/performer turned 60 in 2021. And now, at his old age, he is trying to get in shape for the Band’s upcoming tour in 2022. This article discusses why the singer has decided to get back in form, how he is doing it, and let you know about his progress.

Why Did Vince Neil Decide to Lose Weight?

Vince is always on the heavy and careless side of things. And he faced a lot of criticism for that during his singing career. However, Monte Crue fans could not take it anymore after his last live performance in 2015.

The singer looked unhealthy and out of shape, to put it nicely. People have made a lot of jokes regarding his appearance and stature. Once a brilliant vocalist, Vince has even lost touch with his songs. He forgets the lyrics very often, misses the timings, and combined with his large beer belly; the fans had enough.

In 2015, after the live performance, the internet started a petition to get Vince back in shape. They reached out to the founder of DDP Yoga, Diamond Dallas Page, a former WWE champion. Diamond Page, after his retirement, started a yoga program and has helped people get in shape for a long time now. He has also built quite a reputation by achieving success with his program. In a radio talk show, Page stated that if Vince were ready to make the change happen, the WWE star would leave everything and fly to him. He also mentioned that he was a fan of Motley Crue and would do everything in his power to make the seemingly impossible happen.

After the announcement of ‘The Stadium Tour’ that is scheduled for 2021, Vince couldn’t help but agree to the request of his fans. If Vince does not get in shape by the start of the tour, there is a possibility of replacement and the Band performing with a new lead vocalist. We also discovered that the designated amount is $3 million for Band Monte Crue per show in ‘The Stadium Tour.’

Vince Neil Weight Loss and Gain Journey

Vince Neil is what you call a ‘bad guy.’ He did cocaine before he joined the Band. The Band Motley Crue and its members are famous for their usage of Cocaine, LSD, heroin, and other drugs.

This has also affected a lot in their album production in the past two decades.  But his drug addiction did not mean he was out of shape. The lead singer started neglecting his health after his four-year-old daughter died due to cancer in 1995. The incident broke Vince, and it took him a long time to recover. He couldn’t see his daughter filled with tubes in the Hospital, so he used to drink heavily until he couldn’t recognize himself. Maybe that’s where he started developing his beer belly.

Image of the California-born singer, Vince Neil Weight Loss journey
The California-born singer, Vince Neil Weight Gain, and Loss journey.

The announcement of ‘The Stadium Tour,’ which starts in June 2022, is the turning point for Vince’s weight loss journey. The tour also features other popular bands, including ‘Def Leopard.’ So, if the lead singer and his Band are to make a great show, there is no way out for Vince other than losing weight and getting in shape.

Vince Neil Fitness Plan, Progress, and Feedback from Fans

To get in shape for the upcoming tour, Vince is going through heavy cardio sessions. According to the reports, the lead singer has also minimized his intake of all forms of intoxication. Vince has surrounded himself with a whole team of experts. His trainers, nutritionists, and doctors are setting him up for the significant event. His fans welcome this decision with an overwhelming response.

Recently, Vince’s girlfriend posted a photo of the couple on social media. Vince looked much better and healthier in the picture. Many fans responded positively to the image and tweeted about it, saying Vince is all geared up for the stadium tour. While there are also those, who claim Vince has not improved one bit.

Nonchalant to the public reactions, we know for a fact that the lead singer is working hard to improve his physique. And as Motley Crue fans ourselves, we couldn’t be more happier about it.

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