Trisha Yearwood Weight Loss

Are you surprised to hear about the weight loss of Trisha Yearwood? She was once recognized for her obese look in the movie industry, looking older than her age. However, the comedy actress has done the impossible by losing over 115 pounds or 52 kgs over just five months!

Focusing on the Hi-Fi lifestyle, she never made workouts a lifestyle until it came to cost her.. almost her dear life. This article tells everything you need to know about her weight loss journey so you can also lose weight and become slim. We will also cover her diet plan and workout routine so you can follow along.

Trisha Yearwood Weight Loss Journey

Trisha was a happy-go-lucky type since her early childhood. She had a good upbringing and slowly gained weight. At the time Trisha reached 18, she was already too big for her age. Despite her recurring health issues, she preferred food and drinks over a healthy lifestyle. If someone asked her about it, she’d reply with “there are medicines, I will eat them too.”

Perhaps this nonchalant personality was what got her into her current career choice. She showed people who made fun of her that it does not bother her as she started her very successful career in the movie industry. She would use her looks along with humor as a sort of comedic relief in movies. This made her loved by everyone; she received many awards, earned a lot of wealth, and got her many fans.

If she was successful, what got her into losing weight? You may ask. This same question caused a massive uproar in the celeb world. But, you may as well guess, it was related to her declining health. She says her life was becoming like a setting sun. The sunset might look great, but she couldn’t risk leaving the sun to set, never to rise ever again. In other words, it was a severe health issue.

Even though she looked relatively fine, her organs were getting squeezed by the sheer mass of her fats. It was like a tumor growing inside the brain, she says, which she couldn’t ignore for long. The doctor diagnosed her with diabetes, hypertension, and lipoma. She also shared feelings of sudden depression and anxiety attacks. Who would have thought a comedy relief actress was suffering from depression issues. She had to do something about it.

Image of the singer and actress, Trisha Yearwood weight loss journey
The famous singer and actress, Trisha Yearwood weight loss journey.

How Did Trisha Lose Weight?

The starting times were difficult for her, tossing aside all her favorite foods and drinks. She started with a plant-based diet with occasional eggs in the morning. It was the translation phase that brought drastic changes related to her body and her mind. Within a week, she started to feel more calm and relaxed as her body struggled to make the change. After that period, her body was already feeling much lighter, despite not losing much weight. Once she left all the junk foods and soda drinks that were causing massive harm to her body, she went on a water diet.

During water fasting, she was guided by a trained doctor and completed in just three days. During the total of 10 days, her blood pressure saw a steep decline, returning it to normal. That was the sign that she was on the right way. At this point, Trisha reduced her blood pressure almost down to normal levels. She got delighted as it was decades since her body last felt so light and bright. Concerned that her body could regain lost fat if she reverted to the lifestyle of earlier days, she consulted a fitness guide for help. And so, she made her new routine.

Trisha’s Routine

She would wake up early at three and drink a few glasses of warm water. Then she would have a bowl of oats with fruits for breakfast. After the bland food, she would go running for almost four hours; sometimes, she would return as late as 9 in the morning. Then, she would have an entirely plant-based whole food meal. It contained legumes (lentils, beans, and chickpeas), whole grains (quinoa, wheat, oats, farro, and more), seeds (chia, flax, sunflower & pumpkin seeds), nuts (almond, peanuts, cashew, chestnuts, coconut, hazelnuts, pistachio) as well as fruits and vegetables.

She would have lunch at ten and dinner at 7 in the evening. Apart from light breakfast at 3 in the morning, she would not have food at other times. Instead, she would continue with warm water throughout the day, keeping her hydrated, which also helped with weight loss. In addition, she had shifted to other acting roles, aside from comedic relief-type characters, which led her career to an entirely different path. She also incorporated a 45-minute gym session during the daytime.

What Does Trisha Suggest To People Wanting To Lose Weight?

Trisha wanted to keep it short, summarizing her entire experience into just three key points,

  • Eating healthy food
  • Not skipping daily running in the morning
  • Inculcating discipline, hard work, and consistency

Firstly, avoiding harmful and junk food is the key, she emphasized. If you want to become healthy, you have to leave all the wrong foods behind. It includes fatty foods, cold foods like ice cream, high sugar contents, including candies, cake, dessert, soft drinks, and carbonated beverages. Trisha thinks going on a plant-based diet will cause the most impact when trying to reduce weight. But this doesn’t mean she advocates not eating at her. Instead, she suggests making a list of all the nutrients, proteins, vitamins needed and including them daily.

Running and exercise have been the daily routine of Trisha for a long time, and she has never skipped it even once. Therefore, the discipline regarding food habits and consistency with exercise is all you will require, she concludes.

About Trisha’s Everyday Life and Fitness Routine

Image of the American singer Trisha Yearwood weight loss
The American singer Trisha Yearwood’s weight loss journey (before and after).

As mentioned earlier, Trisha has gained significant benefits from switching to a healthy lifestyle. She had been suffering from obesity for a long time and had been consuming junk foods and drinks since her childhood.

Losing over 115 pounds is not a small feat, and Trisha has also gained core strength due to her gym workouts. She carries her daily routine without much difficulty, her blood pressure and medical conditions have returned to normal, and the doctor pointed out that she took action just in time.

So there is a high possibility of her diabetes getting cured over 2 to 3 years, as it was not severe. Trisha is pleased with her lifestyle; her career in acting is also blooming as she’s looking younger and younger as the day passes by.

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