25 Top Fitness Models: (Male/Female)

Everybody has a dream of becoming a fitness model, but they only see the glitz and glamor of their favorite model. They do not see the hard work and dedication it takes to make it as a fashion model: the hours upon hours of grinding at the gym and the meticulous attention to diet.

These male and female fashion models have done exactly just that. Here are the basic tips to become a model by profession. Also, we have listed some renowned fitness male/female models. So, read till the end.

How To Be a Fitness Model?

Not everybody has the mental fortitude and physical attributes to be a fashion model. Contrary to popular belief, being a fashion model requires dedication and patience — not to mention being in peak physical conditioning!

While there are no hard-and-fast rules to becoming a fashion model, there are some attributes that are valued over others.

The first thing, unsurprisingly, is that one must be in great physical shape. The weight requirement may vary based on the modeling agency, but the person should be in peak physical form regardless of the weight limits.

Some people might feel discouraged thinking they need to have bulging muscles and veins even to be given a second look; the truth is that having a lean and fit body will suffice.

The height requirements may vary based on the agency, but typically, the women range from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet, and the men range from 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 3 inches or taller.

Top 25 Male Fitness Models

Male fitness modeling has evolved from dusky magazine covers and seedy VHS tapes to social media celebrity stardom.

Nowadays, male fitness models can make a comfortable living, not only through competitions but also as social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and trainers. These 25 male fitness models are the industry leaders, innovators, and trailblazers.

1. Sergi Constance

Model and Bodybuilder Sergi Constance.
Spanish Bodybuilder and actor Sergi Constance.

Sergi Constance can often be found on the top or near the top of the list of prominent male fashion models currently active. The 32-year-old Spaniard stands at 5 feet 11¾ inches (1.82 meters) and weighs around 215 to 225 lbs.

He has placed first in several bodybuilding competitions, including the Mr. Olympia Weekend ‘Muscle & Fitness Cover Model Search.’ Furthermore, he is the founder of BeLegend, a line of his patented fitness wear.

On Instagram, Constance boasts an impressive 5 million followers to date. To keep up with his hulking physique, Sergi has six meals a day. His diet is rich in nutrients and mainly contains seafood and lean white meat, vegetables, and cereals. Additionally, Sergi works out five days of the week, focusing on a specific muscle each day.

Coincidentally, Constance portrayed Zeus, the Greek God, in the DC Comics superhero movie Justice League.

2. Jeff Seid

American Wrestler Jeff Seid.
Former footballer and wrestler with his well-sculpted body.

26-year-old All-American Jeff Seid was an amateur wrestler and football linebacker before an ACL injury put an end to his career. Jeff found solace in bodybuilding and is the youngest International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) competitor.

Standing at 6 feet (1.83 meters) and weighing 205 to 215lbs, Jeff owns SeidWear, his patented fitness wear brand, and is the author of the book Guide to Aesthetics.

Additionally, Seid has graced the covers of such magazines as Iron Man and Muscle & Fitness. As of 2021, Seid has 4 million followers on Instagram and over 1.29 million subscribers on YouTube.

He works out on weekdays and rests up during the weekends, dedicating each day to a particular body part. His meal plan includes eight meals a day, spaced around 2 hours from the previous.

3. Jim Stoppani

Fitness model and Phd holder Jim Stoppani.
Ph.D. holder in physiology, Jim Stoppani.

What sets Jim Stoppani apart from most, if not all, other male fitness models is that he holds a Ph.D. in exercise physiology, not to forget, a minor in biochemistry.

Born on January 13, 1968, Jim is 53, but he doesn’t look so, courtesy of his rigorous workout routine and attention to diet. He works out six days out of seven and has a specific meal plan, replenishing his energy every 2-3 hours.

Stoppani has authored several best-selling books, including 2014’s Jim Stoppani’s Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength. He has been a trainer for, among other celebrities, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

On top of all his accomplishments, Jim Stoppani is also an entrepreneur. He is most famous for his “JYM” line of nutrition supplements.

4. Ulisses Jr.

Musclemania Pro Ulisses Jr.
Bodybuilder and Universe Natural Winner Ulisses Jr.

Boasting a whopping 8.4 million followers on Instagram, New York-native Ulisses Jr may very well be one of the most male fitness models in the world.

He stands at 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters) and weighs 205 to 215 lbs. Known for his signature eight-pack abs, Ulisses has consistently ranked at the top or near the top of the Musclemania World Championships.

Ulisses trains six days of the week with a day set explicitly for a “wild card” workout. He has eight meals a day and endorses supplements like fish oil, flaxseed oil, whey protein, etc.

In addition to winning big in bodybuilding competitions, Ulisses makes big bucks with his fitness brand, UlissesWorld. He has customized workout plans, supplements, and apparel for any aspiring fitness model.

Ulisses currently resides in London, England, with his wife, the English fitness model Sharah. They have four children together.

5. Anton Antipov

IFBB professional physique champion Anton Antipov.
Russian fitness model and professional physique champion Anton Antipov.

Anton Antipov is a Belarusian male fitness model whose accomplishments are as extensive as they are illustrious. An eight-time IFBB champion and a five-time Olympian, Anton stands at 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters) and weighs 186 to 193 lbs.

Anton’s workout allows for considerable improvisation. He adheres to “instinctual training,” meaning he works out the part of his body he instinctually knows needs working out. Like his workout, Anton’s diet is also flexible. Provided that they are nutritional, Anton has no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to his diet.

Besides shining in bodybuilding competitions, Anton has dabbled in modeling, having worked for Boss Models in the ’90s. Nowadays, Anton is most known for his eponymous fitness brand. The subscription-based program contains his workout program, diet, individual recipes, and his vaunted Olympic 2015 journal.

6. Sadik Hadzovic

IFBB Professional classic Physique Competitor Sadik Hadzovic.
Fitness Model Sadik Hadzovic from Bosnia.

Aside from the obvious reasons, Sadik Hadzovic is an inspiration to millions. Born into a war-torn Bosnia, Sadik’s family fled to the US in hopes of a refuge. Under the iron thumb of his parents and his intrinsic determination, Sadik began weight training at an early age.

By the time Sadik was in his early twenties, Sadik had a chiseled body and a love for bodybuilding. Fast forward to 2021, Sadik has more than a dozen distinctions under his belt.

Sadik has, perhaps, one of the most unrelenting workout regimens of any male fitness model. He does not take a day off, even to recuperate. Standing at 5 feet 11 (1.80 meters) and weighing 185 to 195 lbs., Sadik consumes six meals a day supplemented by whey proteins, multivitamins, fish oils, etc.

It is due to this drive and determination that Hadzovic boasts 3.4 million Instagram followers and 312k YouTube subscribers as of 2021.

7. Michael Thurston

Entrepreneur Michael Thurston.
Instagram model and Entrepreneur Michael Thurston.

30-year-old English-born Michael Thurston is the creator of the “Thirst” app. The £9.99 a month app features Thurston’s customized diet, workout plans, workout apparel, etc.

The man behind the app is no less impressive. Thurston grew up in Leeds, England, and was an athlete in school. He first came to widespread exposure with Aurora Athletic, a health and fitness organization.

Thurston is currently based out of Dubai, where he is a print and Instagram model. Furthermore, Thurston is endorsed by the fitness brand, MyProtein.

He has nearly 937k followers on Instagram. Similarly, he has over 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube and 423k followers on Facebook.

8. Simeon Panda

British fitness artist Simeon Panda.
Professional bodybuilder and entrepreneur Simeon Panda.

Simeon Panda is the poster child of fitness, being named one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 10 Influencers in Fitness for 2017. His online presence has only grown since. He currently has over 7.8 million followers on Instagram and 2.47 million subscribers on YouTube.

Simeon stands at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) and weighs around 225 to 235 lbs. He works out six days of the week and has seven meals a day.

As an entrepreneur, Simeon is most known as the founder and CEO of the fitness brand, Just Lift. He has patented brands of clothing, supplements, workout accessories, training programs, and many more.

Simeon is married to the English health and fitness coach Chanel Panda.

9. Kane Sumabat

Canadian male fitness personality Kane Sumabat.
Canadian fitness personality Kane Sumabat.

Filipino-born Canadian male fitness model Kane Sumabat doubles as a painter. He began weight-lifting in his early 20’s. Now in his 50’s, Sumabat has rarely taken a day off, and it shows in his physique.

While he has slowed down due to his age, Sumabat has, nonetheless, worked out consistently for over 30 years. He works out seven days a week and has a meticulous diet that combines Eastern and Western cuisines.

When he is not working out, Miguel paints oil paintings. His paintings range from pop culture icons to his “Indecent Collection” of intimate art.

His training philosophy was the subject of the four-minute film “SHRED TILL DEAD” created by Miguel Valenzuela for APTech Films. Valenzuela makes films centered around bodybuilders and fitness experts.

10. Cory Gregory

Bodybuilder Cory Gregory.
Fitness entrepreneur Cory Gregory.

Cory Gregory is the founder of CoryG Fitness, an online mobile app for fitness buffs. The app is available behind a paywall and allows access to his fitness plans, supplements, motivational videos, and diet.

Gregory stumbled into bodybuilding as a means of escape from his dull life as a coal miner. By the age of 20, Gregory had started a gym. Subsequently, he started his own supplement company, MusclePharm.

Rather than rest on his laurels, Gregory entered several bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. He was concurrently working on his exercise specialist degree from Columbia State.

Currently, he operates The Old School Gym in Pataskala, Ohio, and hosts a weekly podcast, Business & Biceps.

11. James Ellis

Fitness personality James Ellis.
British bodybuilder and fitness model James Ellis.

James Ellis is a British male fitness model and bodybuilder. Standing at 6 feet (1.83 meters) and weighing around 215 to 225 lbs, Ellis has been a bodybuilder since 18. Since then, Ellis has won several regional, national, and international bodybuilding competitions.

His fitness regimen includes cardio, muscle building, and high-intensity interval training. James does not take any day off working out. Furthermore, Ellis is a proponent of the Keto diet and incorporates it with other diet supplements.

James Ellis is the creator of the JamesEllisFit mobile app. The app is specially designed for people to remain in shape while on the go and features his workout and diet plan.

12. Ben Booker

Inspirational male fitness model Ben Booker.
Fitness personality, model, and motivational speaker Ben Booker.

Ben Booker is one of the most inspirational male fitness models in the world. He serves testament to the fact that the past does not determine the future. A once-alcoholic, Booker resolved to turn his life around and got into bodybuilding.

Booker trains six days out of seven and swears by a hypertrophy training practice, which focuses on muscle growth. His top 3 workout routines include squats, dumbbell press, and barbell bicep curls. In addition, his diet is protein-heavy, and besides protein-rich foods like eggs, he also consumes protein shakes and supplements.

Booker’s gym, Second Chance Fitness, echoes his philosophy and his belief in redemption. Booker is married to Erin Booker, a CrossFit athlete. They have three children together.

13. Mike O’Hearn

Male fitness model, actor Mike O'Hearn.
Actor, bodybuilder, personal trainer, and entrepreneur Mike O’Hearn.

52-year-old Mike O’Hearn is a titan of the bodybuilding industry. A male fitness model, actor, bodybuilder, personal trainer, and entrepreneur, O’Hearn has done it all!

In his 30 years as a pro, Mike has graced the covers of over 500 magazines and appeared in a variety of movies, TV shows, and reality shows.

A four-time Mr. “Natural” Universe and a seven-time Fitness Model of the Year, Mike popularized strength training, hypertrophy, and aesthetics via his Power Bodybuilding program. He works out five days a week. As part of hypertrophy training, he works out in an increasingly rigorous capacity week to week.

To keep up with the nutrient requirements of his body, Mike consumes eight meals a day, heavy in protein and carbohydrates.

14. Matus Valent

Fitness model, sponsored athlete and entrepreneur Matus Valent.
Slovakian-born and California-based male fitness personality Matus Valent.

Slovakian-born and California-based male fitness model, Matus Valent was always athletically-inclined ever since his school days. He works out six days of the week and rests on Saturdays. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches (1.90 meters), Matus is one of the taller bodybuilders. He also weighs around 185 to 195 lbs.

His career peaked with a first-place win at Model America 2006. He went on to compete at Model Universe later that year and finished third.

While he performs a slew of workouts to stay toned, Valent singled out the flat bench press and Dips as his favorite workouts. Furthermore, Valent has a six-course meal daily and supplements his diet with whey protein, glutamine, liquid amino, testosterone booster, etc.

15. Roger Snipes

British bodybuilder Roger Snipes has placed first in several bodybuilding competitions, including Mr. Britannia 2010, Mr. UK 2010, and Musclemania British championship.

The 42-year-old began weightlifting as a means to escape his abusive father. The habit carried on through adulthood.

At 5 feet 10 (1.77 meters), what Snipes lacks in height, he more than makes up for in weight. He weighs around 215 to 225 lbs. His workout routine consists of five days of intense workout with two days of recovery. Snipes consumes six meals a day consisting of fruits, vegetables, berries, and white meat.

For a cool £1,200 a month, Snipes provides individual coaching to people trying to get into shape. Furthermore, Roger hosts health, wellness, and relationship podcast on his website.

When he is not pumping iron, Roger spends all his time doting on his daughter. Their relationship is one of several reasons why Roger has over 873k followers on Instagram.

Male fitness model, Roger Snipes
British bodybuilder, Roger Snipes

16. Colin Wayne

Colin Wayne is an Alabama-born bodybuilder and male fitness model. Even before entering the world of fitness, Wayne was inspiring people through his heroic efforts as a military veteran.

In his teens, Wayne enlisted into the Alabama Army National Guard. During his enlistment, Wayne began working out. He nearly gave up his life for his country when an errant mortar shell exploded near the gym where he was working out.

After being discharged from his military duties, Wayne continued working out religiously and went pro in 2012.

A man of both strength and character, Wayne has amassed a dedicated following on social media. He has half a million followers on Instagram and 14k subscribers on YouTube.

His website, Wayne Enterprise, is currently under development.


Male fitness model, Colin Wayne
An Alabama-born bodybuilder and male fitness model, Colin Wayne

17. Jaco de Bruyn

South African-born Jaco de Bruyn is renowned all over the world for his impressive physique and meticulous work ethic.

He has been working out since his teen years and competed in national and international bodybuilding/fitness competitions. He placed first in the Bodybuilding block of the 2012 Mr. Physique competition and second in the Fitness block.

Jaco won Heat Magazine’s Man Watch contest with over 4 million followers on Facebook and nearly 969k followers on Instagram.

His fitness program typically goes for $299, where he offers his monthly diet and exercise program, face-to-face talks, and exclusive content.

Renowned fitness model, Jaco de Bruyn
South African-born renowned fitness model, Jaco de Bruyn

18. Lazar Angelov

Bulgarian Lazar Angelov was a professional basketball player before he ever got into fitness modeling. Those days are long past, and he is now more known as a fitness model, bodybuilder, and entrepreneur.

Angelov came upon fitness training while he was enlisted in the army and needed to be in peak physical shape. After completing his service, Angelov entered the world of bodybuilding and swept local and national competitions.

He has one of the most dedicated social media following of any male fitness model in the world, with over 20 million follows combined. He has 15 million followers on Facebook and over 5.7 million followers on Instagram.

Angelov is the founder and CEO of the LA Fitness Academy smartphone app.

Male fitness basketball player, Lazar Angelov
A professional basketball player and fitness model, Lazar Angelov

19. Ryan Terry

Ryan Terry is a British bodybuilder and male fitness model. Terry started training in his early teens and won the title of Mr. Great Britain at the age of 21. His career took off from there, and he is one of the quintessential British male models in the world.

He has bagged several cover shots for fitness and bodybuilding magazines and is a frequent contributor to Muscle & Fitness. Standing at 5 feet 10 (1.77 meters), Ryan maintains his weight at around 185 to 195 lbs. He does so by working out five days a week. Even on the days that he rests, he manages to perform low-intensity cardio.

Terry’s “caveman” diet includes healthy meat, vegetables, proteins, and all-natural foods. He supplements his diet with proteins and dextrose.

Ryan has just shy of 2 million followers on Instagram and 144k subscribers on YouTube. He is currently developing his mobile fitness app.

 Male fitness model, Ryan Terry
A British bodybuilder and male fitness model, Ryan Terry

20. Rob Riches

Born in England and based out of LA, Rob Riches is the creator of the SixForty Train fitness app for smartphones.

Born in 1983, Riches made his name in the bodybuilding scene in England for federations like the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation and Natural Physiques Association.

After moving to the US, Riches found more widespread popularity, especially with his show, “The Rob Riches Show,” on LA Muscle TV.

Riches names preacher curls, chin-ups, and leg press as his top three favorite workout routines.

He went on to author the book “Nutrition & Weight Maintenance: Ultra Lean: Your Guide for a Shredded Physique” and has a signature line of fitness equipment and a mobile app.

The creator of fitness app, Rob Riches
Rob Riches, the creator of the SixForty Train fitness app for smartphones

21. Marc Fitt

With a last name like Fitt, it is no wonder Marc is one of the most recognized male fitness models in the world today.

The Canadian-born stands at 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters) and has a weight of around 175 to 185 lbs.

The 30-year-old was a successful entrepreneur in his 20’s, courtesy of his “Fitt Camp” program. The initiative inspires millions to live their best lives through a series of podcasts, pictures, videos, blogs, and writings.

A workout fanatic himself, Fitt names the incline dumbbell press, barbell curls, and dumbbell Arnold press as his top three workouts. He incorporates them into his six-day-a-week workout routine.

Furthermore, Fitt has an equally thorough meal plan for his eight-meal plan.

One of the most active social media models, Marc has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 4.4 million followers on YouTube, and 315k subscribers on YouTube.

 Male fitness model, Marc Fitt
The most recognized male fitness model, Marc Fitt

22. Calum Von Moger

Australian-born Calum Von Moger portrayed perhaps the greatest bodybuilder in history, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the 2018 movie Bigger. Since then, his popularity has only increased.

Additionally, Calum was the subject of the six-minute film “Mad Desire” by Miguel Valenzuela for APTech Films. Mad Desire has over 9 million views on YouTube and is Miguel’s most-viewed video.

Born on June 9, 1990, in Victoria, Moger is billed at the height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). His weight fluctuates from 235 to 260 lbs. Moger has cultivated a following of over 3.2 million on Instagram, 2.4 million on Facebook, and 64.5k on Twitter. Additionally, he has 932k subscribers on his YouTube.

Moger owns a signature line of casual apparel, including his “Koala Freak” line of shirts. Furthermore, he also has patented shorts, hoodies, hats, socks, and more on his website.

The greatest bodybuilder, Calum Von Moger
An Australian-born actor, Calum Von Moger

23. Steve Cook

Steven Cook or also known as Steve Cook is a pro-American bodybuilder. Furthermore, he also finished twice in the Top 10 in Mr. Olympia. Born on December 10, 1984, he grew up in Boise, Idaho. Steve grew up doing almost all types of sports as his father was a high school athletic director.

Steve started his fitness career through Muscle and Fitness event while he was competing for Mr. Olympia in 2010. He won the Muscle and Fitness Male Model Search then.

Similarly, Steve began winning all of the tournaments he took part in such as Gold’s Classic Treasure Valley Natural Bodybuilding Championship, Fit Body Competition, Naturally Bodybuilding Championship, and many more.

Steve makes his regular appearance on the cover of magazines like Iron Man and Muscle and Fitness.

Steve co-owns the fitness app called Fitness Culture and also has a gym with the same name.

He boasts 2.5 million followers on Instagram where he posts his pictures and videos of him working out.

A pro-American bodybuilder, Steve Cook
Steve Cook, a pro-American bodybuilder,

24. Joey Swoll

Just as his last name suggests, Joey is, indeed, “swole”! Born Joey Sergo in 1986, he was athletically-inclined since childhood.

Though he was a football jock, he was bullied in school, leading to a lifelong passion for bodybuilding – not to get revenge but as a means of escape.

He soon realized that he could make a living out of his love for bodybuilding, and that’s exactly what he did!

He now runs his fitness program, charging around $250 for a month for getting his clients in peak physical shape.

At 5 feet 6 (1.67 meters), Sergo may be on the shorter end of the proverbial stick, but his workout regimens have helped millions. He has a dedicated following of 2.1 million on Instagram.

Joey’s top 3 workouts are pull-ups, flat bench cable flies, and front barbell squats.

Athletically inclined male fitness model, Joey Swoll
A fitness model and Fitness programer, Joey Swoll

25. Pham Woodbridge

Pham Woodbridge, better known as “Pham Vu,” is an American male fitness model and bodybuilder from California. Standing at 5 feet 5 (1. 65 meters) and weighing 165 to 175 lbs, Pham might not look it, but he is one of the most prominent Asian-American fitness models in the world.

Pham began working out early in his life, but it was little more than casual. When he had a run-in with the law, he saw the error of his ways and got serious about bodybuilding.

Nowadays, Phan is as serious about training as the best fitness models in the world. He works out five days a week and does intense workouts.

Phan has a six-meal plan and incorporates Asian cuisines like Tilapia into his diet. Furthermore, he supplements his diet with whey protein and multivitamins.

 An American male fitness model, Pham Woodbridge
An American male fitness model and bodybuilder from California, Pham Bridge

Top 25 Female Fitness Models

For most of the time that it has been around, the profession of fashion modeling has been a male-dominated industry. However, with Instagram taking center stage as the #1 platform for any aspiring fitness model, the status quo is changing.

Nowadays, there are as many, if not more, successful female fitness models in the world as there are males. These 25 female fitness models embody the pinnacle of the female fitness industry.

1. Kayla Itsines

Aussie Kayla Itsines is the co-founder of the “Sweat with Kayla” app and the co-creator of the “Bikini Body Guides” e-book series.

Perhaps the single most successful female fitness model in the world, Kayla has over 29 million Facebook followers on Facebook, 13 million followers on Instagram, and 378k subscribers on YouTube.

Kayla has a daughter with her ex-fiancé Tobias Pearce, named Arna Itsines (born in May 2019). Kayla and Tobi called off their engagement in August 2020. In May 2021, Kayla revealed that she had moved on and was dating again.

At the age of 29, Kayla Itsines, along with her then-fiancé, was featured in the Australian Financial Review’s year-end Rich List 2019. They came in at #196 with a combined net worth of $376 million.

Most successful female fitness model, Kayla Itsines
Kayla Itsines, the co-founder of the “Sweat with Kayla” app and the co-creator of the “Bikini Body Guides” e-book series

2. Sommer Ray

24-year-old Sommer Ray is a female fitness model, social media celebrity, and entrepreneur. Born to a bodybuilder father and a fitness model mother, Sommer came into the limelight as a content creator on Vine.

With the explosion of Instagram, Sommer’s popularity took off to new heights. She currently has 26.5 million followers on Instagram alone, not to forget 10.8 million followers on TikTok, 1.2 million Twitter followers, and 1.87 million subscribers on YouTube.

Her physique was the envy of every woman, and her sense of style helped foster a signature line of apparel. She now has a patented line of clothing, underwear, shoes, and accessories.

Sommer Ray has dated rapper Machine Gun Kelly and fellow TikTok star Tayler Holder on the personal front.

A female fitness model, Sommer Ray
Bodybuilder social media celebrity, and entrepreneur, Sommer Ray

3. Michelle Lewin

Venezuelan-born and Florida-based Michelle Lewin is the embodiment of the quintessential female fitness model.

Standing at 5 feet 4 (1.62 meters) and weighing around 125 to 135 lbs., Lewin has competed in more than a dozen bodybuilding competitions for federations like the IFBB and NPC (National Physique Committee).

Her success in the fitness world spawned a signature collection of fitness and casual apparel called “one0one.” Additionally, she is also one of the featured trainers on the mobile fitness app, FitPlan.

One of the most recognized female fitness models, Lewin has over 14 million followers on Instagram and nearly 9 million followers on Facebook.

Female fitness model, Michelle Lewin
The embodiment of the quintessential female fitness model, Michelle Lewin

4. Jen Selter

Jen Selter is one of the original success stories on Instagram. The 27-year-old joined the photo-sharing platform in 2012 when the idea of an Instagram model was still novel.

She popularized the term “belfie,” which is an amalgamation of “butt” and “selfie”. Currently, she has nearly 12.3 million followers on Instagram and nearly 9 million followers on Facebook.

Jen is a featured personal trainer on FitPlan with courses in high-intensity interval training, weight lifting, athletics training, and plyometrics. Furthermore, Jen has a private group on Facebook dedicated to fitness fanatics like her, where she gives workout and diet advice, mediation training, and motivational speaks.

An Instagram model, Jen Selter
A featured personal trainer on FitPlan, Jen Selter

5. Genesis Lopez

Miami-born-and-raised Genesis Lopez hit the lottery when it comes to genetics. Part-Japanese and part- Brazilian, Genesis Lopez embodies the best of both worlds.

Lopez works out religious to maintain her curvy figure. Each workout session is preceded by 15-20 minutes of warm-up, after which she performs a series of workouts, including barbell squats, lunges, hip thrusts, cardio, etc.

Lopez said in an interview that her diet primarily consists of fish and vegetables. Additionally, she tries to stay away from processed food, sugar, and flour.

She currently has over 4.8 million Instagram followers. According to her Instagram story, Genesis is married to Joe Taranto, a fitness athlete himself.

Female fitness model, Genesis Lopez
Female fitness model, Genesis Lopez

6. Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway is a female fitness model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Boasting nearly 4 million Instagram followers and 5.6 million Facebook followers, Hathaway has helped millions reach their weight loss goals.

A licensed fitness/health expert, Hathaway has a line of workout and diet programs, workout apparel, and accessories on her website. Furthermore, since April 2021, Paige has hosted the weekly podcast, Coming Clean with Paige Hathaway, available in both audio and video format on her website. Additionally, she has partnered with Sweet Sweat to produce her line of waist trimmers.

Since June 2019, Paige has been married to fitness model Jason Moritz Sebastian, the founder of White Buffalo Hemp Company. They have a daughter together, Presley.

A female fitness model, Paige Hathaway
A licensed fitness/health expert, Paige Hathaway

7. Ana Cheri

It takes a certain degree of self-assuredness and the right physical attributes to pose nude in Playboy. Ana Cheri has all that in spades and more!

A native of Anaheim, California, Ana Cheri was named Playmate of the Month – October 2015. She has since booked several nude shoots with the magazine.

Besides being a glamor model, Ana Cheri is also, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. She owns an eponymous lifestyle brand and has 12.5 million followers on Instagram. Furthermore, Ana also has a $29.99 a month account on OnlyFans.

Other than that, she also operates a gym based in Santa Ana, California.

A female fitness model, Ana Cheri
Social media influencer, and entrepreneur, Ana Cheri

8. Anllela Sagra

Colombian-born Anllela Sagra stumbled into the world of fitness while getting in shape to become a fashion model. With tangible results in her musculature and body tone, Sagra continued to lift weights and work out.

Leaving the world of glamor modeling behind, Saraga went pro in 2013 and began competing in fitness and bodybuilding competitions. At 5 feet 9 (1.75 meters) and 135 to 145 lbs, Sagra shined in national and international bodybuilding competitions.

To keep her body in shape, she works out at least five days a week. Her routine includes a full-body workout with a preference for the lower body. She names the deadlift, squats, weighted kickbacks, crunches, and hip thrusts as her three top workouts.

Her story has inspired millions, and she has cultivated a social media following of 13.1 million on Instagram and over 1 million on Facebook.

Sagra is in a relationship with Tomas Echavarria, a fellow fitness athlete, and bodybuilder.


9. Eva Andressa

Eva Andressa is perhaps the most prominent female fitness model and bodybuilder to come out of Brazil. Born Eva Andressa Vieira Nascimento, the Curitiba native, stands at 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) and weighs around 135 to 145 lbs.

She has won several bodybuilding competitions, including NABBA Brasil, IFBB Brasil, and IFBB South American Championship.

Despite being in peak physical shape, Eva doesn’t adhere to a particular workout routine. Instead, she works out when she feels the need. Her diet, on the other hand, is meticulously planned. She consumes fresh food high on vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients while supplementing with whey protein and glutamine.

Currently residing in Miami, Florida, Eva has 6.1 million followers on Instagram and additionally works as a personal trainer.

Most prominent female fitness model, Eva Andressa
Prominent female fitness model, Eva Andressa

10. Katya Elise Henry

26-year-old Katya Elise Henry is the founder of Workouts by Katya, a fitness app for women. She embarked on an odyssey to create a fitness app to help women achieve their ideal body in 2016 after her workouts on Instagram caught fire.

Fast forward to 2021, and she runs a successful business selling athletic wear, swimwear, casual apparel, workout plans, supplements, and accessories.

Additionally, Henry has 8.1 million followers on Instagram and nearly 400k subscribers on YouTube.

As of 2020, Katya is dating the professional basketball player Tyler Herro. Herro is a shooting guard for the NBA team Miami Heat.

 founder of Workouts, Katya Elise Henry
Katya Elise Henry, the founder of Workouts by Katya, a fitness app for women

11. Karina Elle

Florida-native Karina Elle is a former professional cheerleader-turned-female fitness model. Karina, whose full name is Karina Elle Lisenbee, is part Vietnamese and part-French. Standing at 5 feet 11 (1.80 meters) and weighing around 135 to 145 lbs., Karina began fitness training during college.

Her eponymous fitness app has received rave reviews from fans and critics. She combines plyometrics, cardio, squats, and deadlifts that give her her signature ripped physique. Additionally, her diet incorporates fruits, vegetables, red and white meat, dried nuts, and oils, along with protein and vitamin supplements.

On Instagram, the 30-year-old has 1.6 million followers. Furthermore, she also has an astounding 1.1 million followers on Facebook.

Her boyfriend, who she frequently appears with on her Instagram, is also a fitness model.

female fitness model, Karina Elle
A former professional cheerleader-turned-female fitness model, Karina Elle

12. Alexia Clark

Alexia Clark is a female fitness model and social media influencer from Arizona. Like most of her contemporaries, Alexia began her fitness career as a social media influencer. She began posting workout videos on Instagram, which caught the eye of significant industry players.

At the time of this writing, the 31-year-old has over 2 million followers on Instagram. She is a certified personal trainer and owns her eponymous fitness brand. She reaches millions with her patented workout and diet regimen for weight loss and bodybuilding.

Clark has one of the most rigorous workout schedules, managing to work seven days a week. She specializes in high-intensity interval training and CrossFit to aid in movement and agility rather than building muscle mass.

Furthermore, she also likes to change things up with her diet, incorporating proteins, vitamins, and fat.

A female fitness model, Alexia Clark
Alexia Clark, a female fitness model and social media influencer from Arizona

13. Kass Martin

Cassandra “Kass” Martin has the type of physique that puts men to shame! At 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters), Kass is around 125 to 135 lbs of pure muscle.

The 31-year-old had an unconventional career from the beginning, getting into the male-dominated profession of construction.

She got into fitness and bodybuilding in her 20’s has a decade’s worth of experience as a personal trainer and life coach. Furthermore, she also holds Zumba workshops virtually, having traveled to over 80 countries and inspiring millions.

Despite reaching such heights, Martin doesn’t let it get to her head and still works out rigorously. She works six days out of seven and has six meals a day.

Martin has been in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, whom she considers her biggest inspiration.


a personal trainer, Kass Martin
Kass Martin, a personal trainer and life coach

14. Emily Skye

Emily Skye’s story is one of inspiration and redemption. Born on January 7, 1985, in Australia, most of Skye’s childhood and teen years were marked by depression and feelings of inadequacy.

Her situation was exacerbated when she became a glamor model. In hopes of maintaining her figure, she adopted an unhealthy diet and led a sedentary life. Facing rock bottom, Emily resolved to get her life in order.

She began by working out, taking to it easily and quickly. Now in her mid-30’s, Skye is in the shape of her life and mentally in a happier place. She stands at 5 feet 7 (1.70 meters) and is billed at an average weight of 115 to 125 lbs.

Her six-day workout routine includes Tabata and circuit training combined with HIIT and cardio. Additionally, she has five meals a day and supplements her diet with L-Glutamine and L-Carnitine.

On the personal front, Emily is married to Declan Redmond. They have two children together: daughter Mia Elise and son Izaac.

A glamor model, Emily Skye
Emily Skye, an inspirational fitness model

15. Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Icelander Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdóttir is a female fitness model, bodybuilder and professional CrossFit athlete.

The 28-year-old has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, thanks to her unique blend of workouts incorporating elements of bodybuilding with CrossFit.

Sara does not take a day off from working out and has a rigorous seven-day workout plan. Her six-meal diet plan helps keep her fit and healthy.

As a CrossFit athlete, Sara has competed in competitions all around the globe. She had not missed any substantial completion since 2013 until 2021 when she was sidelined with an ACL injury.

When she is not pumping iron or competing, Sara spends all her time doting on her daughter.

Sara is partnered with WIT Fitness to create a line of signature athletic apparel. Her collection is set to drop soon.

female fitness model, Sara Sigmundsdottir
Sara Sigmundsdottir, a female fitness model, bodybuilder and professional CrossFit athlete

16. Courtney Tailor

25-year-old Texan Courtney Tailor is a female fitness model, social media influencer, actress, and fashion model. She began her career as a glamor model, and actress, booking roles in such movies as Boyhood and Everybody Wants Some!

Subsequently, Tailor got into fitness training in her teens. Standing at 5 feet 8 (1.73 meters), Tailor maintains her weight at around 115 to 125 lbs. Her popularity exploded on the social media website Instagram, where she currently has 1.9 million followers.

Courtney stuck with cardio exercises strictly during her fashion modeling days, but since getting into fitness, she adopted a rounded workout plan, including weightlifting.

She has two distinct diet plans: a high-carb diet and a low-carb diet.

A female fitness model, Courtney Tailor
Courtney Tailor, a female fitness model, social media influencer, actress, and fashion model

17. Anna Nystrom

Swedish-born Anna Nystrom is a female fitness model, fashionista, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Flaunting her Scandinavian heritage coupled with a sculpted figure, the 28-year-old boasts an impressive 8.2 million followers on Instagram.

Nystrom got into fitness when a health condition caused her to take stock of her life. Before that, she was pursuing fashion designing and photography.

Subsequently, she earned a personal trainer’s license and cultivated a solid social media presence with her workout videos. Standing at 5 feet 1 (1. 55 meters) and weighing less than 115 lbs., Anna might not look like much, but she has one of the most hardcore workout routines.

In 2020, Anna returned to her fashion designer roots and launched a line of athletic and casual attire called Revelle.

A female fitness model, Anna Nystrom
Anna Nystrom, a female fitness model, fashionista, social media influencer, and entrepreneur

18. Lauren Drain

No one would have thought when Lauren Drain was excommunicated from the Westboro Baptist Church that she would become a New York Times best-selling author, a fitness model, a personal trainer, and social media celebrity with over 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

Lauren was disowned by her family and church at 22. At a pivotal time in her life, she went on to earn a nursing degree. After serving as a registered nurse for nearly a decade, she turned to fitness modeling and became a licensed personal trainer.

Her story has inspired millions to get in shape and get their lives in order. She published her book, Banished, which went on to become a New York Times bestseller.

Nowadays, Lauren runs a successful fitness enterprise. Her workout programs go for anywhere from $40 to $480. Additionally, her gym wear brand, Fit Angel Collection, launched in February 2021.

Furthermore, Lauren is a mother to a daughter, Aria Skye (born on December 28, 2019), with her husband of nearly eight years, David Kagan.

A fitness mode, Lauren Drain
New York Times best-selling author, a fitness model, a personal trainer, and social media celebrity, Lauren Drain

19. Gracyanne Barbosa

Brazilian-born Grarcyanne Barbosa caused a social media storm in 2012 when she supposedly squatted 450 lbs. Her popularity skyrocketed since then. Currently, she has 9.6 million followers on Instagram and 5.8 million followers on Facebook.

Known as much for bodybuilding and modeling as samba dancing, Barbosa is most known in her home country as a prima donna Carnaval dancer.

At 37, Gracyanne might not be a spring chicken anymore, but she still maintains her weight at around 135 to 145 lbs. She works out on the weekdays and recoups on weekends. Her workout consists of weightlifting, cardio, aerobics, etc.

Additionally, she has six meals a day and consumes supplements like whey protein, glutamine, and multivitamins.

Female body builder model, Gracyanne Barbosa
Gracyanne Barbosa, prima donna Carnaval dancer


20. Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow is an Australian female fitness model, personal trainer, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

By the time she was 22, Tammy had already had two children. While an early pregnancy can spell the end of some women’s careers, Tammy not only adapted but thrived. Her pregnancy and post-pregnancy workout videos helped solidify her as the real deal. She has since cultivated over 12.7 million followers on Instagram and 1.32 million subscribers on YouTube.

Hembrow has a fitness app, Tammy Fit, for smartphones. The subscription-based app goes for $20 a month. Additionally, she also has a signature brand of supplements and gym accessories available on her website.

Tammy is currently dating the Australian surfer, Matt Poole. She has two children, son Wolf and daughter Saskia, with her ex-fiancé, Reece Hawkins, who was also her former personal trainer.

An Australian female fitness model, Tammy Hembrow
Tammy Hembrow, Contributor of fitness app, Tammy Fit, for smartphones

21. Amanda Lee

35-year-old Amanda Elise Lee is a Canadian-born fitness sensation, personal trainer, and social media influencer.

Like most of her contemporaries, Amanda began her rise to stardom by posting workout videos on Instagram. She stands at 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) and weighs around 115 to 125 lbs.

Known for her toned lower body, most of Amanda’s workout focuses on her glutes. She names squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg raises, and step-ups among her favorite exercises.

In late 2020, Amanda revealed to her 11.5 million Instagram followers that she was pregnant with her first child. Her daughter, Kaia, was born in January 2021.

A Canadian-born fitness sensation, Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee. a Canadian-born fitness sensation, personal trainer, and social media influencer

22. Brooke Ence

Brooke Ence is a female fitness model, personal trainer, CrossFit athlete, actress, and entrepreneur from California.

Courtesy of good genetics, Ence was a versatile athlete in school. When the time came for Ence to pick a career path, Brooke opted to become a professional CrossFit athlete. She became known in regional CrossFit circuits.

Ence became more widely known as an entrepreneur for her clothing brand, ENCEWEAR. Furthermore, she also owns a line of skincare products called Asia Skin Care. Her fitness program, Naked Program, has been downloaded thousands of times.

Additionally, Brooke hosts the‎ ” Between the Reps” podcast with fellow fitness enthusiast Jeanna Cianciarulo.

As an actress, Ence portrayed Penthiselea in the DC Comics movies Wonder Woman and Justice League.

 A female fitness model, Brooke Ence
Brooke Ence, personal trainer, CrossFit athlete, actress, and entrepreneur from California

23. Bakhar Nabieva

Bakhar Nabieva is an Azerbaijan-born female fitness model and social media influencer with over 3.3 million followers on Instagram.

Nicknamed “Miss Iron Bum,” Nabieva is known for her toned lower body and overall musculature. To keep her sculpted physique, Bakhar works out religiously at least five days a week. She lists pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, biceps curls, barbell squats, lunges, lying leg curls, and standing calf raises among her favorite methods of working out.

Nabieva is firmly against dieting and pays meticulous attention to her diet. Her diet includes nutrition-packed food groups like eggs, healthy meats, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Her recent social media posts have people concerned, especially following her sporting full black irises. The concern was for naught as people believe that she was just wearing Black Full eye Sclera contact lenses.

Female fitness model, Bakhar Nabieva
Bakhar Nabieva, an Azerbaijan-born female fitness model and social media influencer

24. Nay Jones

IFBB Miami Figure 2016 winner Nay Jones initially got into fitness to get over a bad breakup back in 2015. Now, six years later, she is one of the most revered fitness athletes in the world.

With over 540k followers on Instagram, Nay embodies the philosophy that a woman’s life is not limited to marriage and motherhood. A single mother herself, Nay is a successful IFBB pro bodybuilder, fitness model, and entrepreneur.

Nay performs a variety of workouts for a full-body workout, but her top three workouts are deadlift squats, pull-ups, and leg raises. Rounding out the top 5 are single-leg glute bridges and wide-grip pull-ups.

Nay Jones consumes a high-carb diet to replenish her energy levels after a strenuous workout in terms of diet.

IFBB Miami Figure 2016 winner, Nay Jones
Nay Jones, a successful IFBB pro bodybuilder, fitness model, and entrepreneur

25. Heidi Somers

Born in the frigid climates of Alaska, Heidi Somers moved to Texas for better weather and a better life. She got a better climate but had to work hard for a better life.

After struggling with her weight, Heidi took to the gym religiously. She went from skinny to overweight to shredded through patience and sheer dedication.

Heidi Somers practices bodybuilding as well as CrossFit. She currently sits at 1.7 million Instagram followers and 766k YouTube subscribers.

Heidi is the owner of the Buffbunny Collection, her signature line of fitness apparel and accessories. She currently resides in Houston, Texas, with her boyfriend, the fitness athlete, and social media influencer Christian Guzman.

Youtube fitness model, Heidi Somers
Heidi Somers, the owner of the Buffbunny Collection

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