Sommer Ray Wikipedia: Age, Net Worth, Height

Sommer Ray is a social media celebrity who regularly posts about health and nutrition. She looks stunning and has some great tips on maximizing workout gains and maintaining a healthy junk-free diet. Her journey to fame and stardom has been full of ups and downs.

She is also known for competing and winning at competitive fitness events. The hot model is one of the most popular fitness celebrities on Instagram today. She is also a young entrepreneur with the brand EVOLVE. In her free time, she loves making fantastic vlogs on all things fitness and fashion!

Sommer Ray Wikipedia

Ever wondered how she got the goddess-like physique? It certainly did not happen overnight. The fitness model has put in countless hours of work throughout the years to stay in excellent shape.

Her parents were into bodybuilding, and she, too, got into the habit of working out at the early age of 15. She made appearances in Bikini Contests and won many of them, including the State-Level 2015 Bikini Teen and Bikini Class D. She has finished in the top five in every entry she has been.

Sommer follows a loosely structured workout plan, hits the gym regularly, and looks after her diet. Given the amount of effort she puts in to stay healthy, it’s only evident that she has a body worth killing for.

Since Sommer looks stunning and has a huge following, many brands approached her to model for them. She is a supporter of body-positive trendy wear and encourages women to be authentic proud versions.

Her career in bikini contests was short-lived as Sommer is now a professional YouTuber and vlogger. She has also endorsed popular brands like ‘Fashion Nova‘ and ‘Like Video.’

Famous YouTuber and celebrity Soomer Ray.
Social media celebrity and model Sommer Ray flaunting her body.

The lovely female model with beautiful hazel green eyes is an iconic influence on teens across the globe. She is aware of her massive reach and tries to spread positive messages and inspiration through her media presence. Looking for a more permanent career than Instagram, she has started a YouTube Channel.

Most of her fans are male, and females shy away from her due to her revealing posts. Sommer has said that she wants others to know her as a person. There is more she has to offer to women too. The hot model Sommer Ray has explained that while being a hot celebrity is excellent; it is not fulfilling.

Sommer wants to have a more personal reach with her real side on display. That’s why she has shifted her focus from modeling to YouTube. The gorgeous female celebrity is also trying to grow her own business.

The motivating posts she puts out are an inspiration for many. Having the courage and determination to tackle hardships while growing her own online business is also exemplary. Motivation material! Sommer Ray Wikipedia page does not exist.

Social Media Stardom

The star has a massive 26.6 million followers on Instagram and over 1.87 million subscribers on YouTube. She rose to popularity thanks to her inspiring posts, where she shared the workout plans and diet she followed.

As a kid, she was drawn to bodybuilding, and that has influenced her choices. What many fans may not know is that Sommer was bullied as a child. She used to work very hard to keep her body in shape and would post pictures of her.

The photos Sommer shared, which were often quite revealing- did not help others perceive her. Her neighborhood did not like her, and she was a victim of bullying at school too. She studied with a private tutor at home and dropped out at the early age of 15.

Ever since sharing pictures has become an outlet and a favorite pastime for her. Sommer Ray often speaks out against standing up to bullies and actively discourages such behavior. She constantly posted pictures of her during workouts and motivated others to do the same.

Her positive influence led her to people realizing the value of the content she shared. As a result, her fame and popularity grew. Sommer has also participated in numerous contests- that only helped fuel her rise to stardom.

Since most of her posts involve flaunting her assets, some haters often make harsh comments. The response video that she made in response to hateful comments has gotten much love from her supporters. The celebrity has stated that she does wear clothes when she’s not modeling, and just like everybody, she’s a regular person.

She has also said that she wears baggy and unappealing garments most of the time and that the pictures are a way for her to earn and not her casual self.

The humble model has gained even more respect from fans after posting the video on her YouTube channel. Despite having a considerable following and being considered a media celebrity, the fact that she is still down to earth is something to ponder about.

TV Shows

The bold and beautiful Instagram star has made numerous appearances- thanks to her celebrity status. Her MTV’s Wild ‘N Out (2017) performance was an instant hit with the audience. Another of her notable performance was in Lil Wolves: Karma. When on-screen, she delivers a captivating performance that enchants viewers.

Looking to make her film- she has also worked as a producer for Stalk Her. Despite acting in several TV shows, she hasn’t made any film appearances yet. Rumors are speculating her appearances in upcoming shows. Time will tell if that’s true!

Sommer Ray Age and Birthday

She was born on September 15, 1996, and turned 24 this year. The gorgeous model has managed to look at least five years younger by following a healthy regimen.

Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Real Name

Popularly known as Sommer Ray by her fans and followers, her real name is also the same. So, no surprises there!

Sommer Ray Net Worth

The media influencer has made a fortune from her Insta career and as a fitness model. Fashion brands like Calvin Klein also pay her in exchange for the promotion she does. The house she recently moved into is estimated to cost $6 million. Sommer drives a $100k Mercedes. She has a net worth of over $8 million. Her massive earnings from Insta and modeling career have made her one of the wealthiest Insta celebrities at just 24.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Instagram fitness model Sommer Ray is 5 ft 6 inches tall which is about average height. The Bikini Teen Star stands out from other age category models by owning a smashing body. She is 123 lbs, and her weight stays near that figure unless she’s participating in some contest. Her body fat levels are impressive, and she certainly looks unique!

The fitness model usually flaunts her toned body on her Insta. She is a 32B-cup with a 24 inches waist and a 38-inch hip. She looks pretty voluptuous in most outfits. Her shoe size is 6 (American Metric), and she wears a dress of size 5.

Height 5’ 6”
Weight 123lb
Cup Size 32B
Waist 24 inches
Shoe Size 6(American Size)

Sommer Ray Is Single Now

According to our sources, she is currently not dating anybody. She is busy focusing on her career and spending time with her precious family and two dogs- Mazi and Rarri. Her dating history has made great gossip for fans in the past.

Former Boyfriends and Dating History

Taylor Holder is her most recent love interest. This was short-lived and ended with her lashing out at him for being unapologetic.

Machine Gun Kelly was spotted kissing her, and the two confirmed their relationship in March. They had previously shared roles in MTV’s 2018 Show Wild ‘N Out. The two broke off their relationship just after a month in April. MGK seemed heartbroken as she had moved out on his birthday.

Internet celebrity Sommer Ray kissing her ex-boyfriend MGK.
Famous Instagram model Sommer Ray was spotted kissing her ex-boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly.

The Insta-famous bikini model has also dated Bennett Sipes in the past. Reportedly, the two have lived together since 2018 and broke up after a two-year-long relationship.

Before that, rumors were circulating the internet in 2017 that she and RiceGum were dating. The two did have some goofy videos- so that wasn’t much help in clearing suspicions. The two have openly denied anything going on.

The same year also saw rumors about her involvement with a fellow model Max Ehrich, but there has been no evidence.

Eyewitnesses saw the model kissing rapper Justina Valentine, and the two seemed to be into each other. But that has not led to anything. So, it was assumed to be nothing.

Judging from her dating history, she probably has had many boyfriends in the early years. She has managed to keep them private.

Her breakups have also led her to seek help in therapy. After the split with Bennett Sipes, she was very distraught. She fell into depression and spent some time recovering back into her usual cheerful self.

Sommer Rays Sisters

Every sibling knows that their sisters know them better than anybody else ever will! The Fitness enthusiast has two wonderful sisters- Savana and Skylin, with whom she is very close. The trio also has a brother who is a successful entrepreneur.

Sommer Ray and her two sisters.
American model Sommer Ray with her sisters Savana and Skylyn Beaty.

Savana is the eldest sister and also a media star. Born in 1990, she turns 31 this year. The model also posts incredible photographs under her separate Insta handle. Unlike her siblings, she is pretty reserved, and there isn’t much information on her dating history.

Sommer Ray’s sister Skylyn Beaty is also a social media celebrity like her older sisters. Her Insta shows beautiful pictures of her caring for animals in an animal shelter she runs. She says it’s like an orphanage for young helpless creatures. Also a model and an archer, she was born in February 1998 and had a dog- Levi.

She is very passionate about animals and is an advocate against harming animals. The lovely Skylyn is very close to her family, all of whom are popular on the media. The youngest of the three sisters is in a serious relationship with Hunter Toll since 2020. We can see that she is the carefree one of the bunch as she spends her free time traveling or smoking weed.

Sommer Ray and her sisters are very close to their mother and occasionally post pictures together. All of them are gorgeous Insta celebrities- Sommer being the one with the most followers.

Her Mother Shannon Ray Is A Fitness Model

Having a fitness model as a mom has inspired her to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Model Sommer Ray with her mother Shannon Ray.
Sommer Ray with her mom Shannon Ray who is a fitness model.

Sommer Ray’s mother, Shanon Ray, is her darling icon. Shanon is originally from the Czech. When she was young, she used to work out with her mom in the basement gym. The first bikini contest she took part in was also the one her mother had taken part in. So, that’s a pleasant surprise!

The duo is very close to each other, and Shanon has been incredibly supportive of her brave daughter’s decisions. They often share pictures on Insta.


Much isn’t known about Sommer’s dad except that he was a bodybuilder. She has said that he was a loving father to her. The gorgeous model was always very close to her dad, and he was the one who trained her. Sadly, he passed away without seeing his daughter’s rise to success and stardom.

Workout Plans

The workout plan she follows is very flexible. She doesn’t have a set-in-stone structure to her exercises and improvises a little every day. She is very popular and gets job offers that require her to move around.

So, she cannot commit to a 5-day week schedule and tries to do a 90-min workout once in a while. Our body is capable of signaling when something is wrong or when it gets overworked. It needs rest after exercising, and Sommer believes that taking breaks to help rest the body and mind is the way to go.

  • She starts her workout by deciding on what muscle she needs to target that day. Isolating muscle groups is a great way to see gains effectively while burning calories. It is a time-honored way of training the body to build muscle.


  • Fitness Model Sommer Ray foam-rolls her body, does quick 6-minute cardio, which involves her skipping on the machine followed by stretching. Stretching is very important as it helps get rid of any strains and prevent possible injury. It also helps with flexibility in the long run.


  • After the cardio-warmup, she does kickbacks, curls, and some pushups. She is a certified fitness trainer, and so she has no trouble coming up with her variations on the classic exercises.


  • Sommer prefers to do traditional practices by putting her twist on them for maximum gains. Her workout room also has a picture of her, so she stays motivated throughout the hard training.


  • Following the varied exercises, she does HIIT. HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is a fancy name for very taxing activities on the body. The exhaust you very quickly and you take rests in between.


  • The short bursts of exercises are very effective at training muscle and burning fat. Every successive exercise burns more calories than the previous during HIIT. The model wraps up her workout with quick body stretches.

Sommer Ray Diet

Her diet consists of lean protein, natural carbs, and leafy greens. Her preferred meal choices include lean chicken, rice, and vegetables, and her diet is spaced evenly throughout the day in 6 parts.

She likes having fruits and salads and spices up the flavors with anything she wants. Mango is her favorite fruit, and we have seen her posts on Insta saying the same!

While she was competing, she used to limit her carbohydrate intake to a minimum to help her cut down on weight.

Now that she is not, she is more lenient on her food choices. Her favorite meats are chicken and turkey, which she will happily indulge in. A strict diet is not what she has in mind when she thinks about fitness.

As much as she likes skimping out on fast food and eating healthy, she also enjoys indulging in cravings from time to time.

A delightful weekend tequila and pizza with her friends is how she spends her cheat days. The fitness model has also said that it’s essential to take breaks and focus on the joys of life.


She has a birthmark on her right arm that looks like a scar.


The popular fitness model and Insta star Sommer Ray have an online shop- The site features trendy wear for women. There are many varieties of cool summer leggings and swimwear meant to highlight curves.

Colorful tops, revealing bottoms, sexy swimwear, quality underwear- her shop has it all. There is also a section for shoes, bands, gift cards, and trendy accessories. Most of the brand’s promotion is through her Insta posts. With a following of 26.5 million, that’s an intelligent choice!

The brand also offers an Early Spring Collection that features many wardrobe must-haves. Her site also provides free delivery for all US orders that exceed $70. Overseas purchases that are over 150$ also qualify for free delivery.

Where Is Sommer Ray From?

Sommer originally hails from Denver city located in Colorado, United States. That was where she was born and raised by her parents. The beautiful celebrity grew up with two sisters and a brother. Raising chickens wearing cowboy boots is what she remembers fondly from her upbringing!

Where Does She Live Now?

She has moved to the city of glam- Los Angeles. LA has lots of opportunities for fitness models as well as celebrities. So, the fitness model soon moved to LA when she was serious about her career.

House and Cars

Sommer recently bought a gorgeous new house. It utilizes an elegant dark-light color palette and has a modular design. On the first floor is her spacious fully-equipped gym with a poster of her. She has said that she chose to keep the stairs instead of the elevator to walk around.

The model has three guestrooms and one she reserves for her mom. Her bedroom is attached to the bathroom and a stuffed wardrobe. The house also has a stylish filming area where she does the filming for YouTube videos.

Surprisingly, she also has an entire floor dedicated to just her two dogs. The ‘doggie palace,’ as she calls it, is beautifully decorated with classy art pieces.

She previously lived in a big villa in LA- together with her friends from Clout Gang.

The media celebrity Sommer Ray has recently purchased a brand new Mercedes GLE Coupe in February. She got the sweet ride from a CA dealer. The supercar packs 385 horsepower and is not just for show as it can reach 0- 60 in just 4.1 seconds.

Internet celebrity Sommer Ray.
Famous Internet celebrity Sommer Ray enjoying at beach.

It’s not for the faint-hearted as a Mercedes costs around $90k on average. For the price, this beauty has an elegant finish with handcrafted panels. The seats are also warmed automatically!

The model has also been driving. She had previously owned a Range Rover and Yellow Jeep Destroyer. The jeep looked very powerful, and the model next to it seemed relatively small!

Sommer Ray Plastic Surgery

An advocate for natural beauty, Sommer openly criticizes plastic surgery for enhancing body features. She believes in hard work and paying attention to nutrition and exercise choices.

Ironic to this, she has often been accused of using enhancements herself. Some have commented that she maybe have resorted to plastic surgery in the past to favor flawless aesthetics.

Sommer has flat out denied any allegations saying that she believes in authenticity. She has claimed never even to edit her photos except for maybe some pimples on her face.

The brave model has worked very hard to look what she looks like today. It’s not surprising that people will take any chance they get- to make hurtful comments on a successful celebrity like Sommer.

Is Sommer Ray Lesbian/Gay?

Since Sommer has been involved in steamy scenes with female rapper Justina Valentine, many fans have speculated if she might be part of the LGBT community.

The fitness model has denied those speculations and says she is straight. Her dating choices have also been for handsome males, so it’s not true that she is a lesbian.

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