Reece Hawkins Age, Girlfriend London Goheen, Kids

Reece Hawkins came to the limelight in recent years ever since having a public feud with Tammy Hawkins. Millions of people have taken a keen interest in the beef between the former husband and wife that has had quite a battle on social media.

Given the popularity Reece got from this controversy, he and his private life are among the most talked about today.

Who Is Reece Hawkins?

Reece Hawkins is a fitness freak and personal trainer who comes from South Wales, Australia. With over 792k followers on Instagram, Hawkins is one of the famous fitness professionals out there.

Reece used to be famous among the people for posting working out videos with another YouTuber, Tammy Hembrow. We can say that Reece’s previous partner’s fame somewhat brought exposure to Reece. So far, Reece has 247k subscribers on YouTube.

Since Reece is a personal trainer, he specializes in providing custom training programs to men and women of all ages.

At the same time, Reece is also a social media model under the supervision of Neon Model Management.

Since Reece is a social media model, his content involves lifestyle, fashion, traveling, and photography. However, his social media began to experience a boom when he posted pictures of his new hotwife.

Likewise, Reece also has a clothing brand of his own for the Millennials named District Clothing.

As of 2021, this Australian trainer has a net worth of $650k.

Reece Hawkins Age

Reece Hawkin’s date of birth is on April 28, 1995. Hence, as of 2021, Reece has reached the age of 26 years.

Reece Hawkin’s New Partner London Goheen

At the moment, Reece Hawkins is enjoying life with his new wife, whose name is London Goheen. Reece met her in mid-2018 after parting ways with Tammy Hembrow.

Image of a fitness freak and personal trainer, Reece Hawkins and his fiancee
a fitness freak and personal trainer, Reece Hawkins, and his fiance, London Goheen.

As far as the fans were concerned, Reece was engaged to London in 2020. Reece proposed London at Port Douglas’s Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, where he gifted London with a halo diamond ring by Tiffany Soleste. A diamond ring of such quality can cost anywhere between $15,800 and $26,200.

Moreover, Reece has a tattoo of London on his arm. This indicates the love that Reece has for his partner. The couple never misses a day to share intimate pictures of one another and share their love for each other.

Is Reece Hawkins Married To London Goheen?

In December 2020, the Australian physical trainer casually referred to London as his wife in an Instagram post. This stirred plenty of confusion among his followers as they were not aware of his marriage.

Hawkins replied to one of his followers’ comment to clear this confusion, saying that he and London had tied the knot secretly. Moreover, once this Covid pandemic finishes, he promises to have a formal marriage with London.


The self-proclaimed married couples are now the parents of a newborn baby. London and Reece announced the information of their child’s arrival on September 2020 through their Instagram, just a few weeks after being engaged.

Reece and London conceived their first newborn son on March 7, 2021. They named him Stone Hawkins. So far, Stone is four months old. London, a 23-year-old fitness influencer, shared her post-pregnancy details with thousands of her followers by saying that looking after the baby is an exhausting task.

Image of a fitness freak and personal trainer, Reece Hawkins and his fiancee and child
Renowned fitness personal trainer, Reece, and fiancee London with their first baby.

Nonetheless, Reece and London manage to handle the stress. For Reece, it is his third time giving birth to a child, as he already has two from his past relationship.

Speaking of which, Reece and his new son’s mother have had a beef with Reece’s ex-fiance for some time. London also takes shots at Reece’s ex through social media.

Bio of London Goheen

London Goheen is a social media model who was born in Texas on December 28, 1997. Goheen started her career as a cheerleader and reached level four. However, she had to quit as she has scoliosis.

Reece’s new wife is also somewhat known for making television appearances. In 2013, Goheen appeared in the reality show, The X Factor, where she interviewed personalities like Emblem3 and Bridgit Mendler.

At the moment, this brunette is working as a makeup artist and fashion model at Nordstrom. Likewise, Goheen is one of the most followed Instagram models where she has over 550k followers. Goheen also earns through brand endorsements, such as Lounge Underwear, on her Instagram.

As of now, Goheen is busy taking care of her newly born son. Despite being a mother, Goheen has not lost her aesthetic figure. Goheen stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 119 lbs.

Reece Hawkins’s Ex-Fiance

Before locking hearts with London, Hawkins was engaged to a fitness model and YouTube star named Tammy Hembrow. The whereabouts of Hawkins and Tammy’s initial meeting are still a mystery. However, reports suggest that Reece Hawkins began dating Tammy in 2014. Both were very young at the time as Tammy’s ex-fiance was only 20 years old.

Reece has had a toxic relationship in his first relationship. He was engaged with Tammy till 2018. Since then. Reece and Tammy went separate ways. Reports suggest that Tammy was cheating on Reece with Tyga though she denies it. But the conflict did not end there because the feud continued between Tammy and Reece and his new wife.

However, as of 2021, Tammy revealed that she was on good terms with Reece despite still having minor hiccups.

Image of a fitness freak and personal trainer, Reece Hawkins and his ex-wife
Fitness enthusiast, Reece Hawkins and his ex-wife Tammy with their kids.

This fitness queen shares two children with Reece; they are a six-year-old son, Wolfie, and a five-year-old daughter, Saskia. Moreover, Reece and Tammy share custody of the two kids ever since separating. However, Wolfie and Saskia spend time mostly with their birth mother.

Besides exchanging words of war on social media, Tammy has moved on with a new relationship with Matt Poole, a lifeguard. Previously, Tammy was dating Jahkoy Palmer.

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