Queen Latifah Weight Loss. Her Diet Plan

Queen Latifah is a well-known name in the music industry. However, her real name is Dana Elaine Owens. She surprised the whole world with the huge transformation in her weight. Although she achieved many awards in her career, her obesity always haunted her. Let’s get to know more about Queen Latifah and her weight loss journey.

In most of her adult life, she struggled a lot to undergo weight loss. So, how did she manage to make such an incredible transformation in her weight?

Latifah’s Journey of Weight Loss

Queen Latifah was overwhelmed by her heavyweight. She tried various diet plans to lose weight, but she failed. Latifah strictly followed healthy habits in her daily routine, which helped her weight loss journey. After following such a healthy routine for some time, she made an incredible change in her weight. She surprised many audiences with her tremendous transformation during ‘The Tonight Show‘ on 17th July 2018.

How Did Queen Latifah Maintain Her Body Weight?

Many people may not believe, but Latifah does not diet to maintain her body weight. Instead, she performed regular exercises and ate only in the amount that her body needed. According to her, she followed a regular workout routine to maintain her body. Latifah prefers lots of vegetables and loves to have lean meals. The celeb kept everything on exercise, moderation, and eating the right amount of food. She drank a lot of water and came to know about the importance of having healthy foods.

Regular workouts contributed a lot to her weight loss journey. Latifah went to the gym five to seven days a week.

Diet Plan and Workout

Latifah collaborated with the celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins. Following her yoga and diet, she made a fantastic transformation. The celeb lost about twenty pounds by hitting the gym in elliptical machines. To avoid boring workout sessions, she performed various activities to switch up the exercises such as hiking, yoga, alternating cross-training with her Hollywood trainer. She performed regular practice five to seven days a week according to her workout routine.

Latifah consumed about 55-65% of water, which helped her in losing weight. She drank green tea to prevent cancer and to maintain sugar levels in the blood. She also used to have ‘probiotics,’ which are helpful bacteria that help indigestion.

The celeb preferred citrus fruits and grapes that helped to burn more fat. She loved to have green vegetables at each meal. Latifah used seeds, fish, brown rice, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes in her diet plan. She avoided oily foods, sugar, butter, fatty meat, and baked food. The celeb preferred to eat salad during her every meal. She did not skip breakfast and avoided liquids that do not provide nutrition.

Why Did Queen Latifah Decide to Lose Weight?

According to Queen Latifah, she did not lose weight because someone told her to do so. She wanted to lose weight for herself, and she did it. She was an actress who featured as the main character in movies, so weight management was essential. In addition, her family members suffered from heart problems due to obesity issue. This was the main reason which made her take up this journey.

Image of popular singer, Queen Latifah weight loss journey
A popular American singer, Queen Latifah weight loss journey.

What Does Queen Latifah Suggest to People Who Want to Lose Weight?

Queen Latifah’s weight loss journey is incredible and inspirational. She has surprised everyone with her amazing transformation. The celeb implemented healthy lifestyle habits into her daily routine and believed in proper exercise and nutrition. She also followed the perfect plan prepared for her by her nutritionist.

The celeb takes lots of vegetables and water for perfect and healthy living. As we know, saturated fats cause heart diseases. So, she suggests people use unsaturated fats. The celeb believes if we need to succeed, we have to do hard work and remain mentally fit. This will give us desirable results.

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