Emilia Clarke Weight Loss. Is She Ill?

Emilia Clarke‘s recent change in lifestyle habits has surprised everyone in the celeb world. She has been famous, not just in American houses but also globally. This is thanks to her successful career as a female actor in TV series.  Her efforts towards weight loss commenced when she just started her career in filming. But, amidst her growing and busy schedules, the world-renowned personality could not manage a bit more time. Let us learn more about how Emilia Clarke manages time to focus on her weight loss.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the lifestyle changes of Emilia Clarke. Also, we will lighten up the reality behind her massive weight loss of 67 lbs or 30 kilograms within a short period of just five months. Stay tuned to find out!

Emilia’s Weight Loss Journey

There has been a massive uproar in the celeb world since Emilia’s lifestyle change. Furthermore, the news about her huge weight loss spread all over the internet like a wildfire. Since then, her fans have been speculating what could have happened to her. Indeed, everyone is super curious to know the real reason behind her massive weight loss. Many internet polls have listed all sorts of options ranging from illness, getting into shape to fit the upcoming series’s role, and a quarrel with her fiance about her looks. So, what happened?

Going back some time, Emilia did start her weight loss journey when she was 16, about the time when she first started her journey in the tv series industry. However, due to her hectic life, she never had time to look after her lifestyle choices. Although it may seem like she finally put in the required efforts due to job requirements or due to people bashing her for being fat, it simply isn’t the case.

Despite the doctor’s warnings, she had been neglecting her health issues. The actress made fun of her condition to her social media fans. Perhaps this caused the sense of disbelief that she changed her lifestyle due to medical conditions. Adding into it, Emilia also stopped making unnecessary tweets, all posts currently being related to her upcoming shows only. Last year during her acting session, she suddenly fainted. The crew admitted her to the hospital for a week.

How Did Emilia Lose Weight?

Emilia has managed to lose a total of 48lbs or 22 kilograms within five months. When the actress was discharged from the hospital, the doctors gave her a long list of restrictions. The doctors restricted her from talking too much and banned all her favorite foods. In addition, she was due for fat removal surgery if her health situation did not improve.

Image of famous actress, Emilia Clarke weight loss journey
Famous actress, Emilia Clarke weight loss journey.

To start with, she first got her diet plan set from a well-renowned nutritionist. She has suggested the paleo diet. The Paleo diet refers to eating the same foods that hunter-gatherer ancestors allegedly ate. It is based on the theory that the human body hasn’t evolved to process legumes, grains, and dairy.

As per the new diet plan, Emilia started consuming more whole foods, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and seeds and set off processed foods, grains, dairy, and sugar-induced foods. The nutritionist told her to keep up with this routine till her body gets back to normal, then after, she suggested having a Mediterranean balanced-diet meal.

But it wasn’t just the diet that changed her. She started the weight loss exercise trio, as she calls it, which includes running, cycling, and swimming. All these three increase metabolisms by consuming a significant amount of energy. Its effect on body fat is similar to a furnace for firewood. Along with this, she also started taking private fitness classes and joined a nearby gym. To avoid her from getting unnecessary attention, the gym owners provided her with a separate gym room.

About Emilia’s Everyday Life and Fitness Routine

According to Emilia, it was a life-changing experience. She enjoyed massive health benefits after her lifestyle changed, not to mention the weight loss of 48 lbs. Her normal day begins with a light breakfast which follows her morning running schedule. After getting bored of cycling alone, she got herself a pet companion, a Parson Russell Terriers.

Continuing with her recommended Mediterranean diet, she also visits the gym every day. She has got a personal trainer to help her keep her body in perfect shape. She is cheerful and happy regarding the diet and lifestyle changes and busy making long-term health plans.

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