How Much Does SOTA Weight Loss Cost?

If you are serious about losing weight, you have probably wondered what the cost of the SOTA weight loss program is. The SOTA weight loss program came to highlight after its extreme marketing. There were ads everywhere on the internet claiming anyone could lose weight in a matter of weeks. And since weight loss is a sensitive topic for those trying and failing for ages, they couldn’t help but ask, what does SOTA weight loss cost?

SOTA stands for State Of The Art. This is a weight loss program to help you achieve your dream body. In this article, we’ll discuss the cost of signing up with SOTA along with other details.

SOTA Weight Loss Cost

The cost for starting your weight loss program with SOTA is $250 a week. Some ‘Reddit users claim that the program costs $230- $265 per week, but it’s all the same. SOTA also offers a free consultation service which they have talked about in the advertisement. But according to our reports, they charge $25 for every consultation they provide, and it’s not exactly free.

There is also a shady policy behind the weight loss program. The advertisements assure free check-ins every week, even after the client has left the program. But a client is only eligible for the benefits if they have achieved their specified weight at the beginning of the program. People have found this policy quite disturbing.

Does the SOTA Weight Loss Program Bring Results?

The program is overpriced, but it brings results. The staffs are friendly at the start and turn money-oriented by the end of the program. Some reviewers show distress on how the management forced them to continue with them. But the reviewers are also happy how the program was worth the bucks they paid.

One reviewer lost about 50 lbs in 14 weeks for the total cost of $3600. Another spent $5500 over 20 weeks to lose 110 pounds. Indifferent to the prices, the results are impressive.

If you want to know more about the program and how it works, you can check out their official website by clicking on this link.

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