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Paige Hathaway is a social media celebrity. As of 2021, she has 4 million followers on Instagram, where she posts photos herself. These photos are meant to inspire her fans to start getting fit. Paige also posts pictures of herself in the kitchen preparing healthy food. Her Instagram photos range from selfies to professional photoshoots. Her Wikipedia-bio is mentioned here.

So, who is Paige Hathaway’s husband? What is her total net worth as of 2021? Read till the end to reveal the queries.

Paige Hathaway Is A Fitness Model

Paige began hitting the gym when she was still a college student back in 2011. She was working several jobs at that time to support her education. Hitting the gym during her spare time was a way to let out stress.

Paige knew nothing about working out, so she just spent most of her time lifting weights. She also knew nothing about fitness nutrition. Her usual diet consisted of fast food and processed food with her meager income as a working student.

Paige just went to the gym to pass the time and maybe build a few muscles. It never once crossed her mind that she would be making a living out of getting fit one day.

Becoming a fitness model never crossed her mind back then. Her goal during college was to graduate and find a job that paid her bills. Paige had a naturally skinny body, so after spending months at the gym, a trainer spotter her.

The gym trainer convinced her to join a bikini contest which she was not interested in. The thought of dieting and exercising to prepare for the competition was just too tedious for her since she also had several jobs at that time.

Luckily, the gym trainer did not give up and persisted in convincing her. Finally, she gave in may be so that the trainer would stop bugging her. So he finally convinced her.

Paige spent months at the gym to achieve a bikini body. The biggest challenge was the dieting part since she liked eating processed food and junk food.

But she had no choice because she set her heart out to win the bikini contest. Paige went on a strict diet to prepare for the competition. All those months she spent dieting and working out paid off because she emerged as the bikini contest winner.

She joined more contests after that, but she did not win all of them. That did not stop her from trying harder and working harder on her physique. Today, Paige is a model and celebrity endorser. She is also a fitness expert with a trendy personal website.

Paige Hathaway Husband

Paige Hathaway is not married, but she is currently dating. Her boyfriend is Jason Moritz Sebastian, a businessman who owns a hemp company based in Denver. They had not revealed when they officially started dating.

However, if you look through the Instagram posts of Paige, you will see that she began posting photos of her boyfriend sometime in 2019.

Image of a social media celebrity, Paige Hathaway and husband
A social media celebrity, Paige Hathaway, and husband, Jason Moritz Sebastian.

The couple unexpectedly announced baby news just a few months after they started dating. Paige documented her entire pregnancy in her Instagram account.

The way she managed to be fit even while pregnant is impressive. Paige posted workout videos that are suitable for expectant mothers like herself.

Her Ex-Boyfriends and Dating Life

Before her relationship with the father of her child, she also dated Chase McNary back in 2017. Paige also dated Casper Smart, who was the ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez.

As of today, Jason and Paige have not tied the knot yet. But they are engaged and just waiting for the perfect time to get married. Fans are excitedly anticipating when they will announce their wedding date.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Paige Hathaway has a net worth of $5 million. Most of her income comes from her social media platforms, particularly her Youtube and Instagram accounts. She is also the endorser of popular brands such as Shredz.

Paige created a website where she provides workout programs for a subscription fee. These programs are more like challenges. The subscribers receive five weeks to get fit with the help of a specialized fitness program that Paige created herself.

When you subscribe to her program, you also get a customized meal plan to help you with your diet. The success rate of her workout program is relatively high, so it has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts.

Moreover, Paige also has fitness applications that serve as a guide for those trying to be fit. These applications are available on the app store for free download. They are NutritionistPlus and MyFitnessPal. These are great apps for those who do not have the time to go to the gym and get a personal trainer.

Age and Date of Birth

Paige Hathaway was born on July 31, 1987. Her hometown is in Minnesota. As of 2021, Paige is 34 years of age. Even if she is already in her early 30s, she still manages to maintain her youthful appearance. After giving birth a few years ago, Paige has also maintained her figure. Her healthy diet has undoubtedly given her skin a very youthful glow.

Measurements: Height and Weight

Paige is a petite woman, but you cannot tell just by looking at her photos because she has a very well-proportioned physique. She stands at 5 feet and 4 inches and weighs 125 pounds. Her vital statistics are 38-26-38, which is very proportionate. Her chest size is 42C, and her dress size is 7.

Workout Routine

The fitness celebrity is famous for her fantastic body, and many people out there are curious about her diet. Her favorite workout is plyometrics, and she often does this when she is working out at home.

Anybody can achieve this type of workout without the need for complicated gym equipment. When she does go to the gym, she sticks to the principle of multiple repetitions. For a series of workouts, she does 10 to 25 repetitions.

Image of a fitness celebrity, Paige Hathaway
A fitness celebrity, Paige Hathaway.

She makes it a point to work out all the muscle groups in her body, but her favorite areas to work out are her butt and legs. For leg exercises, she raises the repetitions to 50 for each set. Paige also does abdominal exercises three times a week and does a lot of cardio.

She never skips cardio because it is a great way to burn the excess calories in her body. For those wondering if Paige trains every day, the answer to that is no. So she makes sure that she gets a rest day each week. This is to prevent overtraining and to allow the body to rest and recuperate.


As for her diet, Paige maintains a healthy diet composed mainly of proteins, fruits, and vegetables. She avoids carbs and starchy food at all costs.

However, the fitness expert gets a cheat day every week. She likes to indulge in her favorite pizza, ice cream, and chocolates on her cheat days.

She believes that eating healthy should not be about starving yourself. It should be about the right food choices and eating the right portions.

Even if you are eating healthy food, it is still vital to maintain portion control on your meals. Eating healthy is always a choice, and it pays to read labels carefully and do your research. Not everything that is on the healthy food aisle is genuinely healthy.


Paige did not have a happy childhood like most children. Her father was an alcoholic, which created a miserable and turbulent home.

She would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of her parents screaming at each other. Eventually, her parents separated when she was four years old.

Their separation did not put an end to her troubled childhood. A messy custody battle ensued after her parents divorced. While the custody battle was ongoing, Paige and her mother resided in a trailer home. Her mother could barely put food on the table, and they often relied on food stamps.

The court ordered her mom to stay in Minnesota while the trial for child custody was ongoing. But her mom began dating a man she met online and decided to be with him in Texas.

After she and her mom left Minnesota, the police searched for them and eventually took Paige from her mom. From then on, Paige lived with her paternal grandmother in Minnesota. A few years later, she entered foster care and stayed in several foster homes for 12 years.


Paige finally moved out of foster care when she was 16. Paige decided to go to college to earn a living and make a new life for herself.

The very determined adolescent Paige enrolled at the University of Oklahoma, where she studied to become a dentist. The young Paige discovered the simple pleasure of going to the gym on that campus.

Eventually, she met the trainer that convinced her to join a bikini contest. The gym at her college changed her life from a struggling teen to a successful celebrity and entrepreneur.

She never reached her dream of becoming a dentist, but she achieved her goal of earning a living for herself.

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