Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

American comedian Melissa McCarthy was born on August 26, 1970, in Plainfield, Illinois. Like many other comedians, she started as a stand-up comic. The comedian got her first gig in Los Angeles. A few years later, she moved to New York. Early in her career, she also performed as a drag queen in New York City. Know more about the weight loss journey of Melissa McCarthy.

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Journey

Melissa did not have weight issues all her life and claimed that she had a fit physique when she was in her 20s.

She did not have a problem with her weight in high school because she was very athletic. Through the years, she gained a few pounds here and there until she belatedly noticed that she was already on the heavy side.

Being in show business, she was not spared by body-shaming comments from fans and people in the industry. This is one of the reasons that made her think about losing weight. She also had a difficult time finding nice clothes to wear since she is plus-sized.

This inspired her to create Melissa McCarthy Seven7, a line of clothing for plus-sized women like her. She believes that women should not settle for ugly, shapeless clothes just because they are plus-sized.

Image of famous comedian, Melissa McCarthy weight loss
A famous comedian, Melissa McCarthy weight loss journey (before and after).

Diet Plan for Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

The comedian has tried all sorts of diet plans through the years, and some of them worked, but they made her feel awful. She felt that her mind was going haywire because she was starved all the time. But she did lose weight and learned her lesson.

Losing weight does not necessarily mean that she had to starve herself. It is always about healthy food choices.

However, she reveals that her diet can be very bland and boring. She eats mostly vegetables and proteins like eggs and boiled chicken. Smoothies are also a big part of her diet.

Her smoothies mainly consist of chia seeds, almond milk, and different types of vegetables. For her snack, she often munches on raw vegetables or fruits. She avoids eating fried food. Most of her meals are boiled, grilled, or steamed.

Melissa also makes sure to increase her fiber intake and to eat only healthy fats. Detox drinks are also a big part of the comedian’s daily diet. And she makes sure to stay away from sugary food, so dessert is out of the question.

Fitness Routine

Melissa admits to focusing more on her exercise routine after deciding to lose weight. Regular exercise helped her so shed the excess weight. She makes sure to sleep as early as 7 pm every night and gets up early to do her morning routine and exercise. However, she admits that there are days when she skips workouts.

It seems that she is not a big fan of working out. Another reason for her weight loss is that she began training with a martial arts expert. She did this as preparation for her movie Spy, which she co-starred with Jude Law.

Her rigorous martial arts training has succeeded intoning her body and losing excess weight. She began filming for Spy with a slim and toned physique.

Weight Loss Tips

Melissa believes in sticking to the diet plan religiously, which could mean having a mostly dull life. She does not go out to a party or dining out.

This will only tempt her to something unhealthy and put all her hard work to waste. But she does get to go out and have fun from time to time.

She believes that it is acceptable to skip exercise on some days as long as you stick to your diet plan at all times.

Current Weight and Measurement

Image of famous comedian, Melissa McCarthy current weight
Renowned stand-up comedian, Melissa McCarthy’s current weight.

To date, the 50-year-old comedian has lost approximately 75 pounds. From size 18, she is now proudly a size 14. She does not plan on deviating from her strict diet plan anytime soon. Her goal is to maintain her figure and maybe even shed more excess weight.


Her breakthrough role on television was in Gilmore Girls, where she played Sookie St. James. Today, Melissa has also dabbled in the fashion industry as a designer for plus-size women’s clothing.

She is also a producer and a writer. The comedian has also received recognition from The Academy, The Emmy, and the Golden Globes. Her husband is Ben Falcone. The couple built a production company called On The Day Production.

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