Chelsea Houska Weight Loss

Chelsea Houska is known for her reality television show Teen Mom 2. She got pregnant at 16 years old. Chelsea, then a high school senior, gave birth to her Aubree. Her relationship with her daughter’s father, Adam, was not well, so they eventually broke up. Let’s dive in to know more about Chelsea Houska and her weight loss journey.

The show had a massive following as they witnessed Chelsea struggle through life as a teenage mom. The show’s fans were with Chelsea as she went through the ups and downs of being a young mother. They also witnessed her best moments, like when she finally got married in 2016. Chelsea and her husband, Cole DeBoer, now have three kids. Chelsea Houska is also an influencer with millions of social media fans.

Weight Loss Journey

Chelsea Houska was not overweight. She just noticed that she was a lot heavier while she was pregnant with her second baby. The reality TV star admits to having an unhealthy eating habit. The exercise was also not a part of her daily routine at that time.

After giving birth, she right away revamped her lifestyle. She used to love junk food. And this is one of the reasons why accumulated a lot of excess weight. So she ultimately gave that up. Chelsea also learned about juicing, so that is what she consumes most of the time.

She juices all types of raw fruits and vegetables. Juicing is very beneficial to health and slimming too. The TV star cleaned up her diet and learned how to cook healthy mills. Her meals are often grilled or steamed. Sugar has also been eliminated from her diet.

As for exercise, she does a combination of CrossFit and kickboxing. She also does a lot of exercises focused on cardio and strengthening. The TV star also enjoys doing a lot of cycling as part of her workout routine.

Current Weight: Before and After Looks

Image of reality television star, Chelsea Houska weight loss journey
A reality television star, Chelsea Houska lifting during her weight loss journey.

Cheska Houska’s current weight is 55 kg which is quite impressive. It is unclear how much weight she has lost, but it is undeniable that she has lost a lot based on her looks.

Her photos reveal a very toned and buff body. After giving birth to her youngest child, she got right back to getting toning her body and losing the baby weight.

She now looks slimmer than before she got pregnant. The TV star claims that she still sticks to the fitness plan that she had started when she began her weight loss journey years ago.

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