Jazmine Sullivan Weight Loss

Jazmine Sullivan is a singer and composer born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 9, 1987. She majored in Vocal Music at the Philadelphia Creative and Performing Arts School. Let’s dig in a bit more on Jazmine Sullivan and her weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Journey

Jasmine is not significantly overweight, but she has a few excess pounds on her. But just last year, she posted a photo of herself that featured an extreme weight loss. Fans were shocked that the singer lost a lot of weight. To be exact, she lost a total of 50 pounds.

She received quite a few adverse reactions because of her sudden weight loss. Some even pointed out that she looked sick. However, some reacted positively to her new physique.

The singer did take the time to clarify that she was not ill. She explains that she looks a lot thinner in photos because she is pretty tall and stands at 5’8. She further revealed the reason for her weight loss.

The singer is now on a strict vegan diet. Jazmine decided to become a vegan after her mom was diagnosed with cancer. She wanted her mom to start eating healthy, and the only way to support her was to be a vegan herself.

The plant-based diet has helped her lose weight quickly. At the same time is giving her mom’s health a much-needed boost as she undergoes chemotherapy.

Current Weight: Before and After Looks

Image of popular singer, Jazmine Sullivan weight loss
A popular singer, Jazmine Sullivan weight loss journey (before and after).

Jasmine Sullivan revealed that after she dropped 50 pounds, her current weight is now at 180 pounds. Her dress size is now a size 12. She further clarifies that her dress size only proves that she is not that skinny at all.

Her mom is still on the path to healing. And she plans on being with her every step of the way. Jazmine has gotten used to the vegan lifestyle and is loving it.

The vegan diet has done a lot of wonders for her health and figure. And she has no plans of quitting her plant-based diet anytime soon.


Her first shot at fame was her album Fearless that debuted in 2008. This was the album that put her name on the charts. In 2015, she debuted her second album, Reality Show, and it once again topped the charts.

She has received twelve nominations from the Grammy but has yet to win an award. However, Jazmine has received recognition from Billboard Women in Music and BET Awards.

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