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Heidi Powell is a fitness enthusiast who has helped dozens of people get into perfect shape just like her. Many people might know her as a co-host of Extreme Weight Loss, which aired on ABC network. Check out Heidi Powell’s Wikipedia-type biography, including her Net Worth and age.

She appeared in the show together with her now-divorced husband, Chris Powell. Nonetheless, Heidi is dedicated to living a healthy life through rigorous workouts.

Despite being a mother of four, Heidi makes sure to keep her body in the best shape of her life. This is what makes Heidi a huge source of inspiration to many women out there. Other than that, Heidi is an entrepreneur, author, blogger, and co-founder of apps like The Transform App and Asia Skin Care.

Heidi Powell is a Fitness Expert/Personal Trainer

Those following Heidi’s life know that she has over a decade of experience as a personal trainer.

Currently, she is a reliable fitness trainer who holds both accredited certificates like ACE and CrossFit certifications. Heidi recently got her International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness license approved in July 2017.

Before this, Heidi Powell graduated with a degree in Business Management from Arizona State University. Heidi worked as a real estate agent for a brief time, but she found little success.

However, her fitness career began when she started working as a front-desk girl at Gold’s Gym Franchise in Utah. As you can see, Powell is rather a self-taught expert from her experience.

Looking at other’s training and getting in shape sparked a desire inside Heidi to do the same. Likewise, that interest turned into a career for her in 2008 when she met her husband, Chris Powell.

Her husband is an established fitness expert who was also gaining popularity among people in Arizona. Seeing her husband’s enthusiasm in this field forced Heidi to be equally zealous. Not only that, but both were willing to make a beneficial impact on others’ lives too.

Hence, Heidi made appearances on the health-related tv show, wrote and co-authored books, and founded a body-transforming institute called Transform HQ. Here, Heidi coaches hundreds of people to transform their unfit bodies into healthy ones, using her inside-out approach.

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YouTube Fitness Trainer

Heidi Powell’s services as a personal trainer are not limited to local people only. She also has a YouTube channel to train thousands of people across the state or country. Her videos are usually based on the full-body workout, Tabata, facial massage, healthy daily routine, and transformation stories.

Being a responsible trainer, Heidi gives information regarding how one should choose diet plans and fix attitudes when working out. Likewise, she also gives out lessons on improving confidence.

Currently, Heidi Powell has 113k subscribers.

TV Shows

So far, Heidi Powell has appeared in only one TV show alongside her recently divorced husband, Chris Powell. The couple appeared on ABC’s reality show, Extreme Weight Loss, in 2011. The show contained contestants who lost more than 200 pounds of fat.

Indeed, this was an excellent way for both to boost their reach to a broader audience. Though Heidi’s ex-husband did most of the talking and training, Heidi also had an important role. She was the matriarch, voice of reason, and biggest cheerleader for the struggling participants. In short, she was serving as their daily fitness coach.

Heidi completed 20 episodes from 2014 to 2016.

 Personal trainer Chris Powell and fitness coach Heidi Powell
A fitness enthusiast, Heidi Powell and his ex-husband, Chris Powell

Heidi Powell Net Worth

Becoming a personal trainer has done wonders for Heidi’s career. Also, becoming a fitness expert opened doors for Heidi to become a health blogger, show host, author, YouTuber, and entrepreneur.

Multiple sources claim that Heidi Powell has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021. This is almost the exact figure of her ex-husband. Depending on her walking path, Heidi’s wealth is bound to grow even more in the coming years.

Income Sources

Heidi Powell is a multitalented individual. Hence, she has various sources of income that contribute significantly to her wealth.

Her primary source of income is Transform HQ, which is a fitness service offered by Heidi and Chris. Having decades of experience as a personal trainer, Heidi helps countless local clients and celebrities to lose weight. Her clients pay her well due to her proven results. She makes an average of $50,649 a year.

Similarly, Heidi made a good fortune when she worked in a reality show for a major network like ABC.

As for her side income, Heidi makes a decent sum of money through blogging. Plenty of her fans subscribe to her website as it provides resources for a healthy lifestyle.

She also sells various merchandise, books, and workout package through her website. Her co-authored books are one of the best-selling on Amazon. Prices range from $5 to $10.

Lastly, her YouTube videos add significantly to her income. She usually gets over 5k views on her videos and makes an estimated $26 to $424 every month.

Age and Birthday

Since Heidi Powell was born on March 28, 1982, she is 39 years old as of 2021. But being a fitness expert has its perk. Working out 2+ hours a day is a usual schedule for Heidi. Regular exercise and proper diet are why Heidi looks much younger than most women of her age.

Heidi Powell Workout Plans

Fans, especially women, follow Heidi Powell’s workout plans as they seem to produce effective results. She has various workout plans available on her website that one can choose from.

Heidi has also made it convenient for those who have a hard time choosing the right workout program for them. She divides this process into five steps; determining your goal, assessing time, building a timeline, choose a plan, and go all in.

Some of her famous workout plans are


 Full Name  Heidi Lane Powell
 Date of birth March 28, 1982
 Place of birth Flagstaff, Arizona
 Mother Lauri Lane
 Father  Not available
 Books Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days
 Profession  Personal trainer, blogger, fitness expert
 Marital Status  Divorced
Ex-spouse  Chris Powell
Net Worth  $10 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter


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