Hannah Stocking Net Worth, Age. Her Dating History                         

Hannah Stocking is a famous social media personality and actress with millions of subscribers on her Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube. Hannah has been on the internet for quite some time because she started with Vine, which is defunct. She is also into acting and modeling. Hannah is the host of a talk show on YouTube called Mindie.

Let’s have a closer look at Hannah’s life regarding her net worth, age, and love life.

Hannah Stocking Net Worth and Career

Successful internet celebrity and model has gained popularity through the years. The success of her career has earned her a net worth of $5 million as of the present.

She began accumulating her wealth in 2013 when she started creating videos on Vine. Her videos gained a vast following. From then on, she has made a name for herself in the online world. After gaining popularity on Vine, other social media personalities began to approach her for collaborative works.

Image of successful celebrity and model, Hannah Stocking
Renowned internet celebrity and actress, Hannah Stocking.

Hannah has worked with Alx James, Melvin Gregg, King Bach, and different famous personalities on Vine at that time. As the years went by, other social media platforms were created. Hannah began to explore Twitter and Instagram.

She also created a YouTube channel where she makes exciting video content. On her Instagram, Hannah posts lots of photos of herself and her everyday life.

She uploads a wide range of pictures from food, selfies, sceneries, and professional photos. Her amazing photos have gained her a huge fan base. As of the present, she has 19.2 million followers on Instagram. Hannah also earns from her various modeling engagements.

Furthermore, she has also made appearances in a few TV shows. Her endorsements include FIFA and Google. Hannah’s beautiful face has also appeared in several music videos of famous artists. The internet celebrity has also expanded to selling her clothing line.


Hannah Stocking’s merch comprises clothes like hoodies and shirts. Just like Hannah, her clothing line sends out a message of positivity. Her clothes are also very whimsical and colorful. Fans will indeed feel the positive vibe while wearing her merch. Hannah Stocking merch is available at various online shopping websites.

Who Is Hannah Stocking’s Current Boyfriend?

In 2020, Hannah announced her relationship status to the internet world by posting photos of matching tattoos with her boyfriend. It was revealed that her boyfriend was Ondreaz Lopez, a famous social media personality.

Image of celebrity and model, Hannah Stocking and boyfriend
Successful celebrity and model, Hannah Stocking and her boyfriend, Ondreaz Lopez.

Ondreaz Lopez is part of the group Hype House and rose to fame with his dance videos and his brother Tony Lopez. Everything was going well for the internet celebrity couple until speculations began to surface that the couple broke up recently.

It appears that Ondreaz is involved in a sexual assault scandal. He has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor, the 14-year-old girl. This news shocked the fans of both Hannah and Ondreaz. To sum it up, Hannah is currently single.

Her Former Boyfriend and Dating Life

In 2014 Hannah dated the famous NBA star, Klay Thompson. The relationship lasted for a year. They broke up because Klay cheated on her, according to rumors. Soon after that, she started dating another NBA star, Kyrie Irving. Then in 2016, Hannah dated Twan Kuyper, but that did not last long. Rumor has it that the couple got back together in 2019 after Hannah posted a photo of them together.

Height and Body measurements

The statuesque Hannah Stocking stands at 5 feet and 9 inches. She is pretty tall for a woman, but her height gave her an advantage in her modeling career. Hannah’s photographs go well with her long legs and slim figure.

Age and Date of Birth

Hannah Stocking is a native of Ashland, Oregon in the United States, and was born on the 4th of February 1992. Currently, she is 29 years old, and she has one other sibling.

Her unique beauty is credited to her mixed descent of Ukrainian, Armenian, Greek, and Hungarian. The teenage Hannah was a sporty type growing up. She attended high school at Ashland High School in Oregon.

Hannah always had an interest in science, so Hannah took a science-related course in college. She took a course in chemistry and biology at the Dominican University of California. Because of her more than average height, she played volleyball while in college.

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