Chrissy Metz Weight Loss: Before & After.

Chrissy Metz was born in Homestead, Florida, on September 29, 1980. She got as a preschool teacher after college. After joining a talent show in Gainesville, she was advised by a talent agent to move to Florida and try her luck in show business.

Chrissy spent 14 years auditioning for whatever role came her way. At the same time, she also served as the assistant of her agent. Let’s find out more about Chrissy Metz and her weight loss journey. Also, we have revealed before and after looks of “This Is Us” actress.

Weight Loss Journey: Before and After

Ever since Chrissy was a kid, she has always been on the heavy side. She even enrolled in Weight Watchers when she was 11 years old. Chrissy was aware that she had to lose weight as an adult but never really took it seriously. She would try a weight loss plan and maybe lose a few pounds.

But the actress did not lose a significant amount of weight. Her agent required her to lose weight before moving to Los Angeles, and she lost 50 pounds. Eventually, she began stress eating after losing hope of ever getting a significant role. As a result, she added 50 pounds to her weight.

What motivated her to lose weight was when she got the part of Kate Pearson in This Is Us. Her contract for the show stipulated that she has to lose weight as the show progressed.

Weight loss was a massive part of the revolving story around Kate in the show. The contract did not specify a weight goal for Chrissy as long as she lost weight. This role was a big break for the actress, so she was very motivated to succeed. Even before filming began, she already started her weight loss journey.

Image of amazing TV personality, Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey
An amazing TV personality, Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey.

Diet And Exercise Plan

A few years back, Chrissy suffered from a severe panic attack where she had heavy palpitations. She rushed to the hospital thinking that she had a heart attack.

The doctors informed her that it was just a panic attack. They also told her that she has to seriously consider weight loss to avoid health issues in the future. She agreed to this recommendation wholeheartedly. After that health care, the actress began to diet and exercise seriously. She limited her calorie intake to only 2000 calories per day.

She also made sure that she walked for at least 20 minutes each day. As a result, she shed about 100 pounds from her weight. That was her most significant weight loss, but she has been gradually losing weight through the years.

Weight Loss Tips

Chrissy Metz believes that losing weight should not just be about wanting to look good. Most importantly, it should be about wanting to feel good about yourself. Health is also a significant factor in losing weight.

The reason for losing weight should not be because other people expect it. But it should be a personal choice. Acceptance is also essential in losing weight. She learned to accept and love herself at whatever weight she is in.

Current Weight

Image of amazing TV personality, Chrissy Metz
Gorgeous TV personalist, Chrissy Metz Current Weight.

The current weight of Chrissy Metz is unknown, but one thing is for sure, she has managed to keep off the 100 pounds that she lost a few years back. As the story of her character Kate evolves, we can also expect to see Chrissy growing in her weight loss journey.


Chrissy Metz has been in the movie and television industry for a few years and played bit roles here and there. She was pretty unknown for these roles. But luckily, Chrissy landed a TV role that would make her famous.

She already decided to go home to Florida and give up her dream to be an actress before that big break. The role of Kate Pearson in the show This is Us came at a perfect time. At that time, she was already down to the last few cents of her savings account.

She was already losing hope. The story became very personal because it was about a plus-sized woman just like her struggling with weight issues. She got nominated for the Golden Globes and the Metz for her role.

After reading this article, we are pretty sure that you people grabbed important tips to lose weight following healthy dieting plans.

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