Maneet Chauhan Weight Loss

Maneet Chauhan is a celebrity chef and TV personality of Indian American origin. She was born on October 27, 1976, in Ludhiana, Punjab. In addition, chef Chauhan is an alumna of the Culinary Institute of America. She also studied at the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration in India. Afterward, Chauhan worked as an Executive chef of several renowned restaurants in New York, Nashville, and Chicago.

Know more about Maneet Chauhan and her weight loss journey.

Maneet Chauhan Weight Loss Journey

Like most women, Maneet Chauhan struggled with her weight. However, when she was expecting her first child, she decided to make some changes in her life, including her weight. She wanted to set an excellent example for her child by living a healthy lifestyle.

Although she is contented with her body, it was her weight that concerned her. Her weight made her feel tired all the time. As a result, she decided to have a healthier lifestyle, and the weight loss was just a bonus. She started by focusing on what she puts into her body.

She made sure that she ate healthy all the time. Chef Chauhan also started counting her calorie intake. She did not deprive herself through extreme dieting, but she made sure that she made the right food choices. The celebrity chef limited herself to a daily calorie intake of 1200. Regular exercise was also a big part of her healthy lifestyle. She made sure that she completed 1000 steps daily in addition to her exercise routine.

Current Weight: Before and After Looks

Image of a celebrity chef and TV personality of Indian American origin, Maneet Chauhan Weight Loss journey
A celebrity chef and TV personality of Indian American origin, Maneet Chauhan Weight Loss journey(before and after).

Maneet Chauhan managed to lose an impressive 40 pounds by keeping track of her calories and exercising regularly. She claims that she managed to do this without having to give up chocolate. Now that is indeed impressive.

TV Journey

Chef Chauhan is a judge on Chopped, a Food Network show. The famous chef has made guest appearances on numerous tv shows including The View, Iron Chef America, The Today Show, Worst Cooks in America, to name a few.

In addition to this, Maneet is also the winner of the 2021 Tournament of Champions on The Food Network. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama invited the celebrity chef to the Annual Easter Egg Roll Hunt at the White House in 2014.

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