Lynette Romero Weight Loss. Before and After Weight

Lynette Romero’s weight loss took the celeb world by surprise. Growing up, she was always obese and wanted to lose weight. Her efforts started when she was in the fourth class. But, amidst her busy life and successful career as a news anchor, the TV personality never really had time.

In April 2019, she vowed to take the weight loss journey seriously. And by three months, she lost about 40lbs or 18 kilograms, impressive, right? But how did she achieve this feat?

Stick with us to find out.

Why Did Lynette Romero Decide to Lose Weight?

Her fans have been dying to know the reason behind her weight loss. Some are concerned if it’s because of the sickness that she is losing weight. So, what pushed her towards this transformation?

Due to her busy life, Lynette never had the time to look after herself. As a result, her unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle made her gain weight. She got so careless that at a point, she had not paid a visit to her doctor for three consecutive years. But luckily, her husband scheduled her visit to the doctor, which was a mind-opener for the celeb.

In April 2019, Lynette was diagnosed with Hypertension stage 2 and blood pressure of 174/91. This is very high as compared to the normal blood pressure level of 107/70. The doctor warned her about the possible health effects she might face if she didn’t change her habits and lifestyle. She broke down in the doctor’s office but then vowed to start a new weight loss journey, a serious one this time!

How Did Lynette Romero Lose Weight?

Enough about the reasons; let’s find out how did Lynette actually lose weight. The key is ‘Intermittent Fasting.’

Intermittent Fasting is a diet plan in which a person eats for a short time during the 24 hours. Aside from the assigned 3 to 4 hours, the person does not eat at any hour of the day. And how does this work?

First of all, the cycle of fasting and eating patterns makes one conscious of the food intake. For example, Lynette started eating healthier foods and had fewer cravings for sugar and salt. She began by eating for 8 hours a day and shortened it to 6 hours after the first month.

In the first three months, Lynette lost around 8lbs from her weight. And in the following three months, she decreased her weight by a massive 20lbs. This encouraged her to push her limits even more, and till September, Lynette was fasting for more than 18 hours in one day. After that, she finally started the OMAD diet.

OMAD stands for One Meal a Day. It means an individual only eats once in a full day of 24 hours. Lynette started this routine and followed it strictly. She ate only one meal in a day whenever she felt like it. As a result, her maximum calorie intake was limited to 1200 kcal.

Lynette Romero Weight Loss Before and After

Image of news anchor, Lynette Romero weight loss journey
Well-known news anchor, Lynette Romero weight loss journey.

There is a term called ‘dirty fast.’ Usually, when people take up fasting, they go for healthy food rather than junk alternatives. But since Lynette was having only one meal per day, it didn’t matter whether she had a clean fast or not. She could eat her favorite meals with added cream and butter and still refrain from gaining weight. This was only possible because she was eating once per day.

According to Lynette, she had massive health benefits after she started the OMAD diet. First of all, she lost weight at a tremendous pace than before. She didn’t have cravings for food anymore. Furthermore, her cholesterol level and blood pressure level came in balance. The most significant change she felt was the psychological effect that convinced her she would lose weight.

Lynette’s Routine During the OMAD Diet

Lynette got up from bed at 2 am every morning and went to work. At noon, she came back from work and started her workout session by 12:30. The workout involved Peloton and Spin class. At 3 pm, Lynette ate her only meal of the day. She capped her intake at 1200 calories. Then, she went to bed at 6 or 7 pm. And the TV personality repeated this routine throughout her fasting months.

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