James Bobo Fay Weight Loss. Does He Have Cancer?

If you have seen Finding Bigfoot on the Animal Planet network, you are familiar with James Bobo Fay, a reality TV show host born in Manhattan Beach, California. Ever since childhood, Bobo shares a big interest in discovering the legendary Bigfoot. His interest in this discovery led him to be part of the investigation crew of the documentary Operation Nightscream in 2003. His appearance in this documentary completely changed his career. Let’s take a closer look at James Bobo Fay weight loss.

Bobo caught the attention of the well-known TV network’s producer. The producer offered him to be one of the hosts of a documentary reality TV series about discovering the whereabouts of the legendary creature known as Big Foot. He accepted the offer and started working with Matt Moneymaker, Ranae Holland, and Cliff Narackman in their Bigfoot quest. The reality TV show aired from May 2011 until May 2018.

Aside from his appearance in the reality TV show Finding Bigfoot, Bobo also appeared in Monteresquet, American Bigfoot, Momo: The Missouri Monster, and other television shows and documentaries.

Personal Life and Trademark

James Bobo Fay kept his personal life and family details private. Other details like his marriage and family background are unknown. However, he was born on April 16, 1961, in Manhattan Beach, California, United States.

The TV show host is quite tall, with his height of 6 ft 4 inches. Bobo was considered the big guy in the Bigfoot team because of his size. His cup with inscriptions “Gone Scratching” and Keep Squatchy” was his trademark alongside his bigfoot-related attires.

Cancer and Weight Loss

Aside from his height and trademark cup, Bobo was the burliest in the team. Because of this, fans were concerned when the TV show host appeared with an alarming weight loss. Bobo was also unrecognizable with his weight loss and his shaved hair. The drastic transformation of the Bigfoot TV host caused stories about him having cancer.

Thankfully, the TV show host addressed the rumor and confirmed that his weight loss is not a cause of any illness.

Lifestyle and Diet Control

Image of a reality TV show host, James Bobo Fay weight loss journey
A well-known reality TV show host, James Bobo Fay weight loss journey.

Bobo confirmed that he was not suffering from any illness in a Facebook post and is in perfect health. The new-look of Bobo Fay is the result of his diet control. He stated that he cut down his intake of candies, pizza, soda, and dairy products to lose weight. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise also contributed to his weight transformation.

Even though he already clarified that his weight loss has nothing to do with his health, others are still not accustomed to seeing the TV show host without his trademark shoulder-length hair. On the same day, Bobo posted another status stating that his shaved head was his own choice. The TV show host shared that he wanted a hairdo change, and his long hair was always getting on his face.

With the significant change in appearance, Bobo became unrecognizable by most of his fans. He also mentioned that he enjoyed not being unrecognized by the people every time he travels.

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