Delta Burke Weight Loss

Delta Burke is a native of Orlando, Florida, and was born July 30, 1956. She is an actress, author, and producer. In high school, she won Miss Florida 1974 and was the youngest to win that title in the pageant’s history. Furthermore, let us learn more about Delta Burke and her weight loss journey.

Delta Burke Weight Loss Journey

Since the 90s, her weight has always been an issue. She has constantly struggled with her weight through the years. In addition, she has also battled eating disorders and depression.

At one point, the actress weighed 220lbs. Moreover, the actress has tried numerous diet plans, but none seemed to work for her. Her weight gain was uncontrollable. She believes that her weight issue is the reason why she never got any excellent roles on television.

This motivated her to lose all the excess weight and become healthier. Her doctor also informed her that she had Type 2 diabetes. Thus he advised her to lose weight or else she may have to depend on insulin for the rest of her life.

This further motivated her to lose weight. She consulted a dietician to guide her with her food intake. After that, Delta began to exercise religiously.

Current Weight: Before and After Looks

Image of an actress, author, and producer, Delta Burke weight loss journey
An actress, author, and producer, Delta Burke’s weight loss journey (before and after).

Delta Burke succeeded in losing 65 pounds with her hard work and discipline. From 220 pounds, she now weighs approximately 150 pounds.

She is very dedicated to sticking to her healthy lifestyle after her mother and husband had a cancer scare. They both survived and continue to inspire Delta to stay healthy. Her husband has been her primary motivator since she began her weight loss journey.


The Miss America Foundation granted her a scholarship at the London Academy of Music and Arts. She played the role of Suzanne Sugarbaker in the sitcom Designing Women on CBS.

She was nominated twice for Best Lead Actress for Comedy at the Emmy Awards. Her other shows include Delta, Filthy Rich, DAG, and Women of the House.

Also, she appeared in the television movie What Women Want. Burke also delved into theatre and was part of the Broadway shows Thoroughly Modern Millie and Steel Magnolias.

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