Chaz Bono Weight Loss

Chaz Bono was born Chastity Sun Bono in Los Angeles, California, on March 4, 1969. His parents are the famous Sonny and Cher. He dabbled in character acting and is also an activist. The actor’s notable appearances are on Curb Your Enthusiasm and American Horror Stories. In addition, Chaz Bono is also an author with three books under his name. Get to know further about the life of Chaz Bono and his weight loss.

Weight Loss Journey

Chaz Bono has been overweight for most of his adult life. He tried several diets, but his weight never really went down. Before coming out as a trans-man, his doctors warned him about his alarming weight. This made him realize that he could have several health issues if he did not start taking care of his body.

In 2005, he joined the cast of Celebrity Fitness Club on VH1. He lost a lot of weight through the course of the show, but it did not last long. In 2012, Chaz once again weighed in at 350 pounds. He blamed his weight gain on his hormones going haywire after his transition.

Image of an American writer, musician and actor, Chaz Bono Weight Loss journey
An American writer, musician, and actor, Chaz Bono Weight Loss Journey (Before and After).

Chaz has also been eating a lot as a result of his drug addiction. That same year, he guested on The Doctors, where the host Travis Stork made him realize that he had to start getting healthy once again. Immediately after that, Chaz began to change his lifestyle drastically.

He also gave regular updates on his progress on the show. By 2013, Chaz appeared on the show to reveal his slimmer physique. He had lost an astonishing 70 pounds in less than one year.

Diet Plan

Chaz Bono did not believe that he had to starve himself to lose weight. Instead, he made healthier food choices. Chaz counted his calories and stayed away from unhealthy food. He tries to avoid carbs as much as possible. His diet mainly consists of lean meats, vegetables, and fruits.

Also, he avoided junk food and sweets. Chaz cooks his food most of the time, so he opts for healthier ways of cooking. His food is mainly grilled or steamed. Healthy fats are also crucial, so olive oil is a staple in his kitchen. Chaz believes that healthy food does not have to be bland or tasteless.

In addition, portion control is also a significant part of his diet. He makes sure that he does not exceed his daily calorie allowance. If he gets hungry between meals, he munches on fruits and stays away from the chips.

Workout Routine

Chaz believes that to be healthy; you have to be active. Dieting is not enough to keep the weight off. His workout routine includes martial arts training.

He also discovered his love for dancing after his stint with Dancing With The Stars. While on the show, he also realized that dancing is an excellent form of exercise. He lost a few pounds just a week into the show without doing anything else but dance.

Dancing has now become a part of his exercise routine.  In addition, he also does high-intensity workouts. Chaz also does a lot of cardio. He mixes up his workout routine from time to time to keep it interesting.

Weight Loss Tips

Chaz advocates that living a healthy lifestyle is all about changing your habits. It is not about eating less but choosing what you eat. Once you have learned to eat healthily then it becomes a habit. Losing weight is also not just about looking good.

Most importantly, it is about feeling good about yourself. After Chaz lost all that weight, he could do more things without his weight dragging him down. And that made him feel good about himself.

Current Weight

Image of an American writer, musician and actor, Chaz Bono Weight Loss
An amazing actor and musician, Chaz Bono Current Weight.

Chaz Bono has lost a total of 80 pounds through the course of his weight loss journey. He has managed to maintain his weight through the years by sticking to his diet and workout routine.

Up to this day, he still sticks to his low card and high protein diet. Eating healthy has also become a habit for him, so maintaining his weight is not a problem.


His book entitled Family Outing, released in 1998, is a NY Times Best Seller. He is also the producer of Becoming Chaz, a documentary based on his life. The documentary earned an Emmy nomination three times. Chaz has always been an advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ community.

He holds a position in two LGBTQ organizations. His other advocacy is equal rights for everyone, regardless of religion, race, sex, or gender identity. Chaz Bono is a trans man but started out identifying himself as a lesbian.

In 2008 Chaz decided to transition from being a woman into a man. He went through the legal process of changing his name and gender from female to male. Chaz also began his physical transformation to finally becoming a man.

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